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Start Date: Monday, December 29th 2014


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Howdy Y'all!


My husband and I encountered hearing about Paleo in general from a friend of ours who tried it out with great success. We figured if a single military guy with little access to a kitchen could confirm, we certainly good. On our bi-annual trip to whole foods (there's not one nearby, so we don't frequent the shop) we came across Nom Nom Paleo! Maybe it was the colorful pages or the fantastic looking dishes, whatever it was, we were inspired to kickstart a better eating lifestyle. So here we are! Rather than start on January 1st, when most 'resolutions' tend to fall a little flat, we decided a few days before would be better received. I'm not sure how much I'll be present on the forum, but I'm sure I'll need advice! 


Any of you paleo veterans have any smart tips for a newbie paleo married couple? I'd like to think it'll be easier since I'll have a partner to help and support me.  Thanks in advance!

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Hi there 

i have just done a whole 30 but plan to start a "47" today 29th (taking me up to valentines)

Took a Christmas break to have a celebration drink - wish i hadn't

Some foods and drinks just taste awful after you stop them - chemically and yuk

All in all the process is fine - until a massive craving hits you 

I would think if you are doing this with someone it will be easier


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