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I just started reading ISWF and I can't put it down.  I hope to be able to start my first Whole30 in a few days, but one of the things I am trying to do is line up everything that I must take.  I have metabolic syndrom going on, with fatty liver, and one of the meds that my doctor told me I need to take is 1000IU of Vitamin E... (supposed to help defat my liver, and after about two months on it, my liver function tests have come down considerably).  Anyhow, the capsule that I take says it has "Vegetable glycerin, soybean oil. and Contains Soy", all of which I think eliminate it from the W30 guidelines.


I know with Vitamin D3, there are Olive Oil based brands, but I can't seem to find anything that is similar with Vitamin E (or is there another based oil that would be okay?).  Can anyone help me with this?  


I know I can stop the supplement, but I don't know if that is good or not since it has really helped my liver quite a bit in the past two months.


Thanks for the help and advice.



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From the Can I Have list, this is the Whole30 position on vegetable oils:


While we don’t think vegetable oils are a healthy choice (understatement of the century), we don’t expressly rule them out on the Whole30. If we did, you’d never be able to eat outside of your own kitchen, because all restaurants use them in cooking. We wanted to create the healthiest program possible, but we also need it to be do-able for those who travel for business or pleasure, or simply want to dine out during the month.

Tip: Eliminate the consumption of vegetable oils at home, even if you’re not on the Whole30, and make sure the rest of your diet is focused on the most nutritious choices possible, especially if you dine out frequently.


Googling Vitamin E no soy turned up a few possibilities -- you might try that if no one pops in with a personal recommendation.

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