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Second Whole30 - Starting December 27, 2014


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My name is Emmie, and this is my second stab at a Whole30! 


So my first Whole30 journey began in the early spring of 2013 whilst a college student. 


My starting point: 



Pretty pathetic, right? That girl weighs around 222-224 on a good day. She hates herself. 


After 30 days of whole eating, she ended up looking fierce as hell: 


Yep. That's her 20 lbs lighter at the end of a Whole 30, rocking a sexy 200 lb body. 


Whole30 way of living just fit with me... It gave me confidence over my health, my food choices, my sleeping habits, and my emotional stability. And it made me feel like I could love this body I was given, rather than despise it. 


So fast forward two years - it is now going into 2015, and I have made a lot of positive health choices.




This is me now, at around 180-182lbs! (I am the shorty second from left) 


I feel great and look great and have been sporting this 40 lb weight loss in the best way - enjoying new clothes and a body that can do far more than the one I had two years ago. My hair is healthier and my skin is shinier and my temperament is positive. I have been able to maintain this weight for a year by not eating gluten (except on rare occasions) and by eating less than I usually do. I simply am not as hungry as I used to be. 


However, with a new year cresting... I think it is time to give it another go and take steps closer to my goal weight of a healthy 140lbs (or less, who knows!) by the end of the year. I don't know how difficult it will be to lose the last 40lbs, but I know a great jumpstart is a Whole30! I enjoy the structure and the strict guidelines and the community. And I really like the idea of tucking that scale away for 30 days and really listening to how my body feels. (Wow that doesn't make sense haha) 


Anyway, so today is day one! I am off to the farmer's market! I look forward to sharing this with you guys and wish you the best of luck on your own health journeys! :-)



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So glad to see this post. It gives me hope to see long term commitment to healthy eating habits. Keep up the good work, and we'll support you. You are an inspiration to lots of newbies. By the way, I find you very cute even in the first picture :)

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December 27, 2014 ~ Day One


Yay! Coming off of the infamous DAY ONE! 


There is nothing like the first day of the Whole30. The timeline is right... it is so exciting, invigorating... the joy of walking the aisles of the farmer's market and Whole Foods... the tantalizing pleasure of throwing quality meat and produce together in a new, delicious way.... the fresh air of a midday hike... 


I know it doesn't last, so I enjoyed every moment of today! I completed my shopping for the week's meals. I also needed to buy some more vitamins so I ended up spending a lot more than I prefer to, but on average, I am usually able to keep my grocery bill under 50 dollars a week during the Whole30. I also enjoyed a four mile walk/hike at one of my favorite spots just outside the city. I used this alone time to really think about what I am excited about, scared about, and hoping for during the next 30 days. I need to take some times to make a few goals for this time around! 


Food Log: 

Breakfast- four slices of (added-sugar-free, nitrate-free, etc) bacon 

half avocado w/ pinch of salt, pepper

three stalks of sauteed kale w/ salt, pepper


Lunch- (I was on the go)

half avocado

four pieces of sliced turkey breast (thick cut scraps from the farmers market)


Dinner- half of this delicious dairy-free frittata I made!



That was so good! I think I'll enjoy the other half for breakfast tomorrow.

I have tons of ground beef so I need to figure out what to do with it. 


Also, here's my favorite pre-Whole30, day one, can-you-believe-you'll-look-better-than-this-when-this-is-over selfie: 



Bring on Day Two! 





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So glad to see this post. It gives me hope to see long term commitment to healthy eating habits. Keep up the good work, and we'll support you. You are an inspiration to lots of newbies. By the way, I find you very cute even in the first picture :)

Thanks so much! That means a lot! I look forward to sharing in everyone's triumph! Hope you enjoy the last bit of the holidays!

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December 28, 2014 ~ Day Two


So, today was a bit a of a fail. But also positive outcomes have occurred today as well. 


Confession: I definitely ate a non-compliant meal. GASP. 


In the spirit of honesty, because it's Christmas time, I went out friends tonight and my resolve crumbled to pieces because it was only day two, and couldn't I just start over tomorrow? So I clicked the "start my Whole30 over" on my daily emails tonight, because I also had a non-compliant meal for dinner... gluten free pasta (oh no...) with ricotta (say this isn't so!?) and tomato sauce! 


So, tomorrow I am starting my Whole30 over. Way to blow it big time in the first 24 hours! 


Here's the thing though... for the past year, when I attempt to change my eatings habits... I am always successful for the first day or few days, but I slip up on one little thing... next thing you know my resolve has crumbled even further, and I am eating half a pizza and drinking wine poured over ice cream! I really am an all-or-nothing kind of gal, so when I cheat... I fall apart every time and just give up. However, I am steeling myself to this truth: I CAN DO IT


I can do thirty days without cheating. I can start over and not give in. I can have resiliency in the face of temptation. I can fall and get back up again. Tomorrow restarts my counter on my Whole30, and I will continue to restart the counter if I mess up again because I believe in the aspects of not cheating on this program, and I will retain my integrity as I complete the thirty days. 


I will not accept defeat in the face of failure as I so often do, because I owe it to myself to give this another go. 


That being said, the two friends that I had that gluten free pasta with have both decided to join in on the fun and do the Whole30 starting January 1, 2015! So I am actually going to be doing a kind of Whole33, because I want to be with them through the different parts of the journey. It will be exciting and helpful to have two partners in this that can encourage each other and hold each other accountable. So that's awesome! 


Food Log: 


Breakfast - other half of frittata 


Lunch- banana, almond, coconut milk smoothie 


Dinner- aforementioned demon pasta 



Sadly 2/3 of good in one day doesn't make a Whole(30)... so I brush this day off and try again tomorrow. 


I also need to think some and process some of why it was so easy for me to give into cheese and fake pasta. So I might talk through that some soon. 

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Ooooh, your story will be fun to follow!  You are a great writer :)  And I agree with all that Hutlifr said. 


I'm on my third go-round with Whole 30.  My first fairly-but-not-quite-perfect Whole30 in summer 2012, and my second Whole24 in winter 2013, where I caved in to pizza and wine on day 25.  I'm just finishing up Day 3, and have a buddy doing it with me (it is her first).   Here's to a WHOLE30 -- we can do it!!

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I'm really looking forward to following your story; your writing style is so fun! I guess that's one of the good things about nosediving a bit at the very beginning; at least you can pick yourself up, brush the dust off and hit the reset button right away. You're a rock star, keep at it!

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Day One Part II - January 1, 2015


So, as I mentioned previously - I got my two best friends on board with this, but they wanted to start today (because as cliche as New Year's lifestyle changes may be, the sense of a new start is always intriguing). And so I have been practicing the past few days leading up to today, and finally... at last... today marks my official (fourth) Day One Part II. 


How did I begin this New Years? Well, I am sure like many other people... I rolled out of bed around 11am with a slight headache, severe ringing in the ears, and achy knees after a long night of hedonistic, bad decisions. But it's all good... it's a new year, right? Haha. 


After I pulled myself together, I ate breakfast/lunch and then headed over to my friend's house to meal plan and grocery shop. 


We spent all day at Whole Foods and the farmer's market until we had all of our must-haves for the week and the basics for their kitchen. 


Then, because I am the brave one that has done a Whole30 before, I tried my hand at cooking a compliant shepherd's pie... which, was... well.... incredibly messy: 




I mean how am I supposed to have the mental and emotional stability to steam cauliflower and then somehow puree it with a handmixer while also keeping my eye on the simmering ground beef mixture that is becoming black and congealed after I forgot to stir the arrowroot powder? Seriously! It was a hot ass mess! Sweat was pouring down my cheeks as I dropped a giant pan into the sink, cursing loudly, desperately trying to avoid the concerned looks of my friends that were watching me while thinking: "I really thought she knew what she was doing..." 


But in the end, it was incredibly worth it. 




There were no leftovers.  B)


Hear, hear everyone! Cheers to a New Year, and 30 days of scraping steamed cauliflower out of your hair! 

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Here is a thought that has helped me in the past.... If by accident you break an egg, do you then take the hole box and throw it on the floor to break them all? NO! You need to think the same way with eating food you should not eat... One item is enough right? No need to eat the whole pizza, or finish the box of whatevers. Go straight back to a compliant food item :)

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Day Two Part II- January 2, 2015

Money in the bank. Finally made it through two days of this thing without cheating. I'm on a roll people!

Well, last night I had a seriously difficult time with sleep because I have been suffering tinnitus from a single exposure to loud music on New Year's Eve, so that was fun. So I woke up late yet again, and didn't have a lot of conviction to go and cook something so I chilled out for a while. I made a plate of salad greens and chicken sausage with a bit of sauerkraut and cashews.

For dinner we made a delicious meal again, spaghetti squash and meatballs with homemade sauce! Delicious and nutritious.


Now isn't that just a sight for sore eyes?

A relatively easy day for me. Still no painful or annoying physical or psychological symptoms from this round of Whole30. Though we do know they come!

To tomorrow -

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I woke up today feeling much better in general, my ears are starting to heal, I slept a little better... I still have yet to have a dark day. It is only Day Three, so I anticipate it will come; however, I wonder if because I normally don't eat a ton of junk and if because I ate majority Whole30 for the four days leading up that I made this transition a little easily? 


Or it could be the calm before the storm... and any day now I will wake up as if hit by a train. 


Time will reveal all things.  :D


Whole30 is so empowering. It always is. One of my favorite parts about this lifestyle change is it teaches me to love myself and to talk to myself as if I were someone I love. Every moment of victory, even the small ones, are a cause to celebrate my strength and resiliency. Going on three days in, and I get closer and closer to my goals. 


Speaking of, I have thought of a few... These aren't necessarily Whole30 goals, though I guess they could be. I think they are more health-related, physical goals for the few months of the year. 


1) I know I am late, but I finally weighed myself (got batteries for the scale at last) for my pre-W30 weight. And my current weight is 181lbs. So right where I always am. Wouldn't it be nice if I were able to weigh 171-175lbs by the end of W30? I mean, I haven't weighed that little since my freshman year of highschool! That was 10 years ago! If I got to the 160s, now that would be unreal. I think my fear with this goal is that I will gain it back as soon as I reintroduce foods... since I have a hard time losing anything past 180 in the past months, I worry my body won't want to lose weight during W30. But the number on the scale isn't everything. 


2) I would love to see my collarbones at my normal resting posture. I can see the very faint outline, as if they are just about to peak through; however, they aren't really visible unless I adjust my shoulders. I know some of you may find this to be an absurd goal - that is why it is my goal and not yours. :lol: Haha. It is entirely out of vanity, and if I don't reach this goal by the end of W30 it won't be the end of the world. lol


3) I think an improvement in overall health and vivacity - meaning better sleeping, more consistent energy levels, etc. is what I am looking for and what I am most sure of as a result of this experience! 


So that's it for now. Guess we'll see what happens! 



BTW- my only complaint on W30 has been constant hunger, which is weird because I normally don't have an appetite at all. But it has been difficult trying to curb my hunger these past few days.... this morning I tried 'bulletproof coffee' for the first time, so I am hoping that will keep me fuller a little longer! 


May the force be with you guys today! 

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If you are still hungry, you probably don't eat enough... Did you check your plate against the template? Are you using a big dinner size plate? Enough fats?

I am sure that is my issue. I also realized looking back that I haven't been eating three full meals most days. Which that isn't good and is probably the cause of my hunger! I will need to continue to rectify this in the coming days! Otherwise, cravings may get a hold of me! 

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Day Three - January 3, 2015


So happy I completed Day Three! And man am I sleepy tonight  -_-  Maybe that fatigue is starting to catch up with me! I don't know but I have just been out of it all afternoon. Hey, they said it gets worse before it gets better! 


I still have been on the go so I haven't had a lot of time to myself in my own kitchen, but I had two big meals and a few smaller snacks/meals. 


Food Log: 


Breakfast- four pieces compliant bacon

one chicken sausage link

two stalks of sautéed kale

spoonful of jalapeño sauerkraut

bulletproof coffee (yum, who knew?) 


Lunch- three carrots sautéed in olive oil 


Dinner- four giant meatballs over spaghetti squash and sauce 

red anjou pear 



Starting Monday, things are going to get even crazier in my schedule, and I will be out of the house from breakfast until well past dinner - so that is going to take some serious planning. But with proper preparation, I don't see why I can't attack this next week with the same conviction. I might spend a lot of tomorrow cooking and storing meals for the week! We'll see. 


Day Three, you've been too good to me. 

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Day Four - January 4, 2015


What a delicious day! 


Arose with the dawn... (and by dawn I mean 8am) which means my sleeping schedule is slowly but surely getting back on track. I am hoping to get back to 6:30am rise time. Anyway, I was feeling very tired and quite a bit lethargic today but I perked up after a eating lunch. I hope to get in bed early again tonight. 


Did a bit of grocery shopping. Again, I am spending a little too much money these days, but I feel like I am buying some one time purchases that last a while, and it should die down after next week. Finally ate something other than ground beef or bacon today! And I made/bought some foods that will be easy to pack for long days away from home. 


Still no sign of headaches, crankiness, or unbelievable tiredness. I have been mostly positive, upbeat, and relatively energetic. I have been experimenting with portion sizes to try and overcome my hunger, and today seems to have been a pretty hunger-free day. Looking forward to experimenting with new foods in the next weeks. 


So today's food log: 


Breakfast- four pieces of bacon

chicken sausage link 

sauteed kale over handful of greens


Snack- handful of cashews

green pear


Lunch- two slices of pan fried pork belly

half a plate of kimchi 


Dinner- three cajun seasoned drumsticks (sooo good)

3/4 sweet potato roasted in oven 

tablespoon chipotle mayo




I think I might need to cut back on the pear consuming. I just love them! Might be too much sugar. Also, today was the day I finally got my third probiotic supplement in! I have been slowly upping my dosage, and now I am taking the recommended supplements for VitD, probiotics, and omega-3s! Gotta keep it up! 


Can't believe it is only Day Four. Can't wait to see what the next weeks bring! 

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I bought a bike three years ago - a beautiful Cannondale Hybrid that cost a pretty penny for my college years. And because I live in Atlanta and am absolutely terrified of biking on the roads, I have only taken her out less than 10 times in all these years. 


I gave her a spin today. You could tell she was just itching for that fresh air. 


I realized as I was biking that I was feeling a lot of things - 


Fear. Anxiety. 


"I am not good at this. What if people that drive or walk by think I look ridiculous? What if they are making fun of me? People so out of shape like me shouldn't be riding bikes." 


...All these lies and fears that not only eat away at my sense of self-worth, but also keep me from from becoming the best version of myself... 


Wasn't I made to be healthy? Wasn't my body designed to run, to bike, to climb, to walk long distances, to play frisbee without running out of breath, to kayak in rivers and swim in oceans and taste and feel and see all of the incredible experiences this impeccable world has to offer? And haven't I let the lies and the fears and the anxieties keep me inside the four walls of my house for too long? 


How do you become a biker? 

You bike. 

How do you become a runner?

You run. 

How do you become all you can be? 

You give it your all. 


It begins with a single moment when we decide to do something about it. 

And it is now or never.

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Day Five - January 5, 2013 


Conquered another day! 


It was a great day, a lovely day... So much to enjoy! 

However, my bed is calling me so I will simply record my food intake! 


Breakfast: three slices porkbelly 

salad greens


1/2 roasted sweet potato 


Lunch: 2 chicken legs

1/2 roasted sweet potato 

handful cashews


Dinner: 3 chicken legs

salad greens with tessemaes 

bite of roasted brussels for tomorrow 




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Day Six - January 6, 2015


Almost to the one week mark! 


Feeling great so far - hardly any weird repercussions from diet changes except for the sleepiness (which isn't even abnormal from my everyday life and eating habits). I have yet to experience any real cravings. I did walk by the bread aisle in the grocery store, and I realized that something was different - now I have never been a bread person to begin with - I am a rice girl myself - and I can easily walk by the baked goods without any real desire or even noticing where I am at, but today as I was walking through... I noticed I could smellllll it. Didn't even know bread had that strong of a smell... guess I never noticed before. But it smelled fluffy - like I could pile it all together and make it into a very fragrant, soft, bouncy bed, and I could just roll around on it.... but I didn't necessarily crave to eat it, I just wanted to be near it. Which is weird, right? 


Today I officially rode my bike for two miles. Yes, I know that is pathetic, but for someone who is reentering the activity and hasn't had time to develop the cardiovascular or glutimous strength - I would say that is a damn good start. 


So I came back feeling incredibly hopeful and optimistic and excited and I had that - I can do this!!! high where I get on Pinterest and pin all the health and fitness things believing that one day I will be that girl... And then I got ready to leave my house, and outfit after outfit just looked horrible on me. I hated the way I looked in everything... I felt disgusting. It was strange because I normally don't feel that way about myself or my body. Sure, I am not perfect but I am a dang good work in progress. 


I don't know if it is related to the Whole30 or not, but it wasn't fun. 


Anyway, today was a great day overall. Conquered Day 6! Killed it in fact! 


Food Log:


Breakfast: two chicken legs

roasted broc and brussel spouts

mixed salad greens with tessamaes 


Lunch: three pieces pork belly


mixed greens with tessemaes 


Snack: handful cashews

1/2 GT kombucha


Dinner: one stuffed pepper with leftover ground beef - these were divine! 



Can't wait until I am done with Day Seven!!! 

Hope you guys are great!


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I decided to follow your journey on your thread... Your 2 miles on the bike ARE NOT pathetic... you need to high five every baby step you take in the right direction. I am Not much of an exerciser, so I can see what even two miles biking are in terms of an effort! Sigh

I love the words "hopeful" and "optimistic" in your thoughts.... The rest you may just put it aside for now, so when that little voice comes and tells you things like "pathetic, horrible, disgusting" etc just tell it to please shut up :)

Your increased sense of smell definitely is associated with this program. I experienced it too. But wait to see what it can do to your taste buds!

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I decided to follow your journey on your thread... Your 2 miles on the bike ARE NOT pathetic... you need to high five every baby step you take in the right direction. I am Not much of an exerciser, so I can see what even two miles biking are in terms of an effort! Sigh

I love the words "hopeful" and "optimistic" in your thoughts.... The rest you may just put it aside for now, so when that little voice comes and tells you things like "pathetic, horrible, disgusting" etc just tell it to please shut up :)

Your increased sense of smell definitely is associated with this program. I experienced it too. But wait to see what it can do to your taste buds!

Thanks for the encouragement! I definitely got past that bout of self-loathing, and I am feeling just grand today! Nearly three miles on the bike, and I am making crock tikka masala, and I know when night comes, I will rest easy knowing I conquered one full week! It's the encouragement of people like yourself that keep me going! Thank you!

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Day Seven - January 7, 2015


Food Log: 


Breakfast- two chicken legs

roasted brussels and broc


Snack- handful cashews



Lunch- one roasted stuffed bell peppers

1/2 papaya 


Dinner- one chicken sausage link 

three bacon pieces

sauteed kale



Good day. 

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Day Eight - January 8, 2015


Today was a good day yet again. Spent a lot of it cooking good food. I made tikka masala - with cashew cream! Who knew! It was delicious, though I wish it had a little bit more spice. Probably should really slay the seasonings from now on, since I so often complain that food isn't as flavorful as I want it to be. 


But it was still very good, and I had a good sized portion of it: 




Anyway, I feel like I ate well today - I wasn't hungry at all which is great. And I have had plenty of water today. 


Also, I biked for two miles, and did some high intensity isolation workouts for 20 minutes with my roommate. So I actually really worked my body out these past few days which feels great, but there is a lot of the journey to go to get to strong and fit. And that's okay! 


Ready to conquer tomorrow! 


Food Log: 


Breakfast- one chicken thigh over salad greens

two slices crumbled bacon

one avocado 



Lunch- last stuffed bell pepper! thank goodness! 


Dinner- tikka masala over cauliflower rice (yum) 


Hungry was curbed well today, wasn't thinking about food all that often which is great. Last night, I had some serious temptations because I had to bake like 150 cookies for my job, and then later my friend made cinnabites, and I stood by as icing dripped off his chin and Lord have mercy did it take some strength to say no... but man did I feel good when I walked away with having succumb. 


Good day. 

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Way to go on your walking away from the icing... What actually makes the Cinnabon so yummy is the cinnamon... So you may sprinkle that spice on any of your veggies, and change the association of that smell to something healthier! Yum...

Three miles on the bike.., argh

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Day Nine - January 9, 2015


Dang, can't believe tomorrow is Day 10! I am almost 1/3 of the way through this journey. 


I feel great. Energetic, optimistic, and ready to continue walking forward on a path of health. I am enjoying food more and more, and I am even enjoying exercise more. I have lost over 40 pounds, yet I have yet to buy new work out clothes that cling a little tighter. My old ones are a big baggy. Well, because I was feeling so good - I went and bought a new set. A nice pair of exercise pants and a bright yellow jacket to wear when I am out on my bike. I put it on and couldn't even believe that I look this good. I haven't been this thin and lean in recent memory - not since at least my sophomore year of high school - which was almost eight years ago. 


Food log: 


Breakfast- two pieces of bacon

half a chicken sausage

half a stalk of kale sauteed


Lunch- tikka masala over cauliflower rice


Snack- roasted sweet potato 

jalapeno sauerkraut 


Dinner- three pieces of bacon

one chicken sausage 

one avocado 

salad green



I also have drunk over a gallon of water each day. I am not necessarily doing this on purpose - I tend to drink more water than most people I know. But it has been contributing to my feeling of fullness, and so I feel full for hours and then randomly - bam! I am starving. And because of my job, I have been eating my three meals at awkward hours. Ultimately, I am not struggling to make meals or anything because I have gotten good at meal prep over the years. 


Also, I am feeling quite sore after working out, but my roommates and I did 20 minutes of high intensity isolation exercises again. So I need to take a few days off.


Overall a great day. Going for an early morning hike tomorrow! 

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