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Jeni's Whole30 for the New Year


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Really excited to join the January Whole30! Did the program back in July and it rocked my world but I've definitely fallen back a bit into the habits I want to move past, so I'm looking forward to hitting that reset button and starting fresh! Best of health to the rest of the community :)

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Had a fantastic first day :) Managed to sleep in this morning to recover from the albeit low-key revelry. Played with my dogs all morning and really relished the chance to hang with them all day. Spent most of the day cooking and prepping - and unpacked my new instant pot(!) which will be making bone broth tomorrow. Wishing all a prosperous and happy 2015!

M1: Sweet potato hash with 2 fried eggs, black tea with coconut milk

M2: Pan-fried sardines from Well Fed 2 (omg delish), roasted beets a la NomNomPaleo, and fresh carrots

M3: Julia Child's roast chicken from NomNomPaleo with roasted celery root and carrots

Also made the watermelon radish salad here: http://winterridgefoods.com/whats-a-watermelon-radish/, kickass ketchup from Well Fed 2, mayo with an immersion blender (so easy!), magic mushroom powder from NomNomPaleo, Jerk Seasoning from Well Fed 2, and defrosted Whole30 sriracha (made a huge batch this summer and froze in small jars).

Tomorrow will use the roast chicken in Melissa Joulwan's Taj Mahal Curry and http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2012/10/pancetta-white-bean-and-swiss-chard-pot-pies/ paleoified (no crust, obvs, whole30 compliant bacon, chicken instead of beans, and the roux with almond meal in lieu of flour - it's incredible!). Trying to make use of the time off work at the front of this whole30 to get lots of stuff ready - I want to learn the lesson from last time about being solidly prepared with nummy options!

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Had a really successful food-wise Day 2. Didn't sleep in late which was both good (back to routine) and not so good (needed more to recoup!). Planning to get to bed early tonight. Had another awesome cooking day and quite pleased that I still have a weekend ahead of me with no need to do massive cooking! Wasn't active at all though - that is something to work on for tomorrow.

M1: Leftover sweet potato hash with 2 fried eggs and bacon, cooked in homemade ghee.

M2: Lamb stew with carrots, onions, and potatoes.

M3: "Pot Pie" described on day 1 - so so so delish! - and a mug of my first batch of homemade bone broth - yummy but not sure I'm ready for it to replace other warm beverages... Put 5 cups in the freezer and 2.5 cups in the fridge to use this week(end).

On the cooking front - made 2 batches of bone broth from NomNomPaleo plus ginger. 2nd is still chugging away in my instant pot (which is a neat thing!). Also made tonnato sauce from NomNomPaleo but I think I did something wrong as the emulsion is broken. Hoping to fix with my immersion blender tomorrow. Didn't get to the store for a bell pepper so taj mahal curry will have to wait until tomorrow. Also need to figure out how to use the last 2 cups of chicken that haven't been eaten or added to stuff. Tomorrow I'm making NomNomPaleo's magic wings - a total fave!

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Whoops! Forgot to post yesterday and nearly forgot again today! Need to carve out a moment for this as remembering the food is super helpful later on... Ok, here goes-

Day 3 -

M1: Wings from roast chicken with watermelon radish salad and roasted beets. Black tea with coconut milk and a cup of bone broth.

M2: Taj Mahal curry & creamed spinach from Well Fed 2 plus 2 dates. Spinach was only ok - I think I missed a step or something. More tea.

M3: 4 Prosciutto egg muffins from NomNomPaleo which took way longer to cook than stated.. Delish tho!

And on to Day 4!

M1: 3 Prosciutto muffins and 1/4 c homemade applesauce (left over from making to add to Taj Mahal curry). Tea with coconut milk and bone broth.

M2: Assorted fruits and veggies at brunch plus almonds, then magic wings from NomNomPaleo

Snack-ish: Mocktail at tiki game night - bartender add juice from half a lemon to my club soda and it was amazing!

M3: Taj Mahal curry & creamed spinach mixed together so the spinach flavour was covered in curry :)

Was very pleased with the number of compliant veggie options at brunch today. I think my fave was a fennel, oranges, and olives salad though the broccoli with sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds was up there as well. Also - the bartender at tiki game night rocked my world with the lemon juice in the club soda! Just enough to enhance the fizz without being overly tart.

Managed not to kill any of the things :) Yay day 4!

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Ok - forgot to post two days in a row... Need to work on that!

Day 5-

M1: Prosciutto egg muffins from NomNomPaleo. Tea with coconut milk and bone broth.

M2: Taj Mahal curry & creamed spinach from WF2

M3: Dinner out with amazing food! Xyclo in Oakland for the win! Had the beef carpaccio, lemongrass chicken (no rice), and tumbling dice. Amazing and delish! Sparkling water to drink.

Day 6-

M1: Prosciutto egg muffin (just one as I got distracted and didn't finish - need to work on that!). Tea with coconut milk.

M2: "Pot pie" described earlier and braised cabbage from NomNomPaleo. Lemon and sparkling water mocktail :)

M3: Butternut squash soup (sweet potato soup from WF2) and magic wings from NomNomPaleo.

Wishing everyone an awesome day seven! Here's to the first week and moving past killing all the things!!

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