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Starting January 2nd


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Congratulations everyone, some incredible results.

I tend to spend a lot of time in m head and sadly am not very in tune with what's happening in my body. For example, I had no idea I had brain fog until the Whole30 -- I found myself so clearheaded in business meetings and at work this month. I felt like a business ninja. Likewise I was no conscious of feeling bloated but I feel definitely not bloated now; just a clean feeling in my body.

About 8 lbs down. Lots of inches.

I like the fact I can manage on three main meals plus post-WO, not constantly munching rice cakes at my desk. I can't say I slayed the sugar dragon, I still get a silly little rush when I'm about to eat a fresh date. At least I'm aware, previously I'd have eated 5 dates before I noticed I was chewing.

My energy levels during running are better. I ran 3 hours Saturday with just a handful of diced roasted yam, cashew and toasted coconut midway before a big climb. I found my mental processes worked better late in the run, usually I have a hard time following conversations or doing pace/distance math calculations late in a long run, this week I was fully engaged and fired up. I also put my ego/fear of being too slow aside, and opted to run with my pals and found I was able to keep pace. I actually felt stronger at the end than almost everyone else who were popping gels and chomps the whole time.

My sleep is actually worse. I used to sleep dead to the world, much lighter now.

I am continuing on until Feb 28. Some minor adjustments this month, I might get a little more slack on added sugar when it is a tiny component of a food -- there is some Costco pico de gallo that would save me a lot of time in the kitchen, also some good local sausage. I might not bring my own salad dressing to restaurants and just opt for the least sugary option. I am going to try using a little less yam, maybe more winter squash. Less snacking on nuts, more meat snacks if I can find some recipes.

Good luck to you all.

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My energy levels during running are better.

I'm also much better with my energy levels. I also ran 3 hours on Saturday, but for me it was the longest run since an early October marathon. I ate a regular breakfast and waited an hour or so before running, and did not bring fuel or water. I was good most of the time, but a little weak in the last 3 miles. I had to stop at a small restaurant and ask for water because the fountains in the park were not turned on. I had energy to go out in the evening and catch some music until 1:00 am. Then I ran 6 on Sunday and it actually felt really good. I expected to be burned out from the day before, but it was really a nice relaxing run. I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, so after a run of 18 miles I would expect a day or so of limping. My heel actually felt better on my Sunday run than it did on Saturday's 18 miles. Another 7 this morning. Recovery is really faster than before. Sharfish - you mention sleep. I am sleeping well, but will wake up earlier than I need to sometimes and have trouble returning to sleep. This is a problem because I get up really early to run and need all the sleep I can get.


I'm also continuing the plan, but for 8 more days as my wife finishes her W30. After that, popcorn. I'll see how that affects the way I feel and I'm crossing my fingers it wont be a problem. Gluten, sugar, and dairy will remain absent from my diet. I have no interest in reintroducing any of them.

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Congratulations to everyone that finished the WHole30!! 


My husband and I were successful in completing this and we feel great!!


He lost 12 lbs. and I lost 7 lbs.


We are definitely thrilled!! Yesterday morning we ate oatmeal (only because we somehow ran out of eggs!!) and felt great and we had some brown rice with dinner.  


Will do a complete Whole30 day today.  


Although I didn't post often I enjoyed reading all of your updates!!


Good luck everyone into the future!!

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Hi everyone from Jan 2nd! Wondering how everyone was doing. I fell HARD after February 1st. Back on the margin for me starting today! Maybe I should join a new thread. This will be my fourth whole 30. I hope to go through until April 4th. I really need to plan my re-intro.... I've never actually done one, just went back to old ways and felt miserable. Here's to a new go!!!

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