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Julie Quates

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Hi! I'm a 27 year old living in Houston. I'll be getting married in October and have been doing Whole30 (mostly) since about July 1. I really started in June with cleaning up my diet, kicking carbs, kicking processed stuff, kicking sugar. Then a girlfriend of mine was talking about Whole30 on FB and that's when I started looking into it.

I'm still making my way through the book and am eating only things off the recommended list. I think I was eating too little fat before so it's nice to have my avocados back!

I'm down 17 pounds since June 9th and am crediting that to my super clean eating and weight lifting.

I'm feeling so much better, skin is looking better, muscle is building, and I'm just overall more motivated with this sort of diet.

I'd love to connect with other folks in Houston. I'm trying to convince my fiance that he doesn't need a potatoe or heaping helping of rice with every meal. :)

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Reassuring to hear you're getting such good results (and yes, it's amazing to have avocados in your life, isn't it!). I'm not from Houston, but had the same struggles with my other half. I found that emphasising the fact that he gets plenty of meat (and also basically taking over the cooking reins) meant that he doesn't really miss the rice/pasta bit at mealtimes (well, he doesn't really get much choice, as I don't cook them!)... but does still tuck into plenty of toast in between meals. Ho hum, can't win it all!

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