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New Year Whole 30!


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I am excited to start my Whole 30 on January 1st!  I've tried this twice before, and both times it was drinking wine that ruined my plans.  This time, I started with abstinence first.  I haven't had any alcohol since 11/12/14, and I feel I am in a better place now for doing a Whole 30.  


I have, however, been eating a lot of sugar! My mom makes amazing butterscotch with pecans, and the holiday season brought with it many other hard to resist treats.  I've had enough now!


Today I will spend a good long time planning meals and shopping.  I want to go into this Whole 30 feeling prepared, and well stocked with the right foods.


A quick review of why I've decided to undertake this, and the things I hope might be improved:


-I feel out of control, in terms of sugar cravings and consumption. Once I start eating favorite sweet treats, I have trouble stopping. I crave things that I know aren't good for me.  


-My relationship with food and my body have become skewed by years of logging on Loseit or Sparkpeople, cutting calories, judging myself by the numbers on the scale and the numbers at the end of the day when I measure and log every bite.


-I have gained about 15 pounds in the last year, and I am not comfortable with that.


-Although I am generally healthy, I have a few issues and would love to see improvement in these areas:


-chronic yeast infections

-flagging energy in the mid afternoon, which I often "treat" with coffee and/or sugar.

-low grade depression: not every day, but more days than I'd like. Taking an SSRI, but still not fully treated.

-tendonitis in my right shoulder

-knee aches and pains

-long standing habit of picking at the skin around my cuticles (no idea if this could be affected by diet, but I did read on this site that some people have found relief from this problem when they did the Whole 30)

-weak, peeling fingernails



SO...three more days, and my Whole 30 begins!!



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Hi Sara. We have too many things in common to name...but I'll try: 

  • wine has been a problem for me (not in W30 but historically. Stopped drinking in 2005.)
  • Sugar is my nemesis (was part of the wine thing but epic over the past few years and to this day a real problem).
  • I'm also starting a third W30 but January 2.
  • I have exactly 15 lbs. to lose. Well, more would be ideal but I'll take 10-15. 
  • I have tendonitis in my left shoulder and knee pain from arthritis, but other than that active and pretty healthy. 
  • Used to do calorie counting apps and obsessive food logging. Same result—it just gave me real numbers to feel crappy about. 
  • Oh, and my wife's name is Sara

That said I have no pearls of wisdom—just encouragement. For me it's a little like going into battle (and I mean no disrespect to anyone who's ever REALLY gone into battle) whenever I undertake to change a compulsive behavior, even for 30 days. So preparation, both mentally and physically, has helped a lot. Good idea to shop and plan ahead of time. That's been a deal breaker for me. 


Whole30 isn't perfect. It didn't "cure" my sugar cravings or carb-a-holism, but it's the only thing out there that offers a fighting chance. I'll try to keep up with your progress. Feel free to do likewise. I'm sure there are lots of New Year starts on the Forum. 


Well done, you. 


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I too am starting my 2nd W30 as of Jan. 1st. I only made it to 21 days the last round in September. A weekend long wedding threw me off majorly. My problem is having all the ladies in my office ordering out for lunch DAILY! So the smells alone can be a challenge. I plan to eat before their food gets into the office. Also, wine is a total weakness for me. Just being around ppl drinking it drives me nuts. So I dont plan on going out to any social events in January. I plan on hitting the gym at least 4 days a week. This whole 30 will be hard, because working full time, school part time and a possible part time job on top of everything is going to be HARD. Good luck to everyone!

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Hi Everyone,


I can relate to all these issues!  Sugar and wine craving and over indulgence seem to go together for me.  I did a Whole60 last fall and felt fantastic!  I got so far off course during Christmas etc that I feel terrible physically and emotionally.  I am doing day 0, the house clean out, 1/1 and starting 1/2.  I would love to join this group.  I am really looking forward to this W30.



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How great to see responses from all of you! Thanks for your input and support!!


I cleaned out the cupboards and fridge today.  I have a husband and three sons, ages 11, 13 and 15, and I don't expect them all to be Whole 30 compliant for 30 days, but I would like to have a positive influence on their diets, whether they know I'm aiming for that or not!  I will continue to provide some whole grains for them, and dairy products, but I am really going to try not to buy any junk food or sweets.  I'm going to step up my effort to make fruits and vegetables more accessible (washed and cut up!) and try some new vegetable recipes for the whole family.


Today I went to Trader Joe's and bought lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, organic and grass fed meat, frozen shrimp, canned salmon (for salmon cakes) cashews, macadamia nuts, eggs...


I've found it easier to give up wine altogether than I did to try and moderate it.  I don't think about it as much when I take the option off the table. I'm hoping I'll feel the same way about sugar!


Thanks again for reading and responding!  Best of luck to all of you!!

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DAY ONE!  I weighed myself, and took some "before" pics.  I am ready for this!


I really enjoyed cooking and eating today.  Breakfast was comfortably filling and I wasn't hungry again until 1:00, when I had lunch.  I did want (and have) a snack after a long hike in the afternoon. I had fun cooking dinner for the family, and only fixed one dish differently for myself. For the rest of the crew, I stuffed chicken breasts with cheese, because my 15 year old son had asked for "chicken cordon bleu" for dinner tonight. 


Breakfast:   One egg, fried in clarified butter.

                   Two pieces paleo (no sugar, no additives) bacon

                   Roasted sweet potatoes

                   Steamed spinach 

                    Black coffee


Lunch:        Leftover roast lamb,  salad of romaine, red pepper, toasted walnuts, homemade vinaigrette.


Snack:        Sliced apple, sliver of liver pate


Dinner:        Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and pine nuts, wrapped in (paleo) bacon.  Green cabbage with onions, garlic                          and red pepper, sauteed in olive oil.  Roasted cauliflower.  Sliced apple, raisins and macadamia nuts, tossed with                          cinnamon and sauteed in clarified butter. Handful of fresh raspberries.

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Day 1 in the books!  Yesterday went well.  No snacking, stayed on plan.  


I wanted to note some of the symptoms I am experiencing so I remember how much better I feel after they go away:

awake in the night, heart pounding from sugar or alcohol; achey joints; red bumps on my face; puffy face and fingers on waking; bloated achey tummy; digestive issues; weight creeping up; craving sugar and alcohol.


B:  scrambled eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, 1 T clarified butter

L:  Roast chicken, broccoli, acorn squash, 1 T clarified butter

D:  Pork Rib Roast w garlic and thyme, Nom Nom Paleo's braised kale and carrots, sautéed apples onions and pears, 1/2 c toasted flaked coconut.


It helps me to drink hot tea or decaf after dinner.


DMB41Phan:  I keep canned full fat coconut milk in the house, curry paste, plenty of fresh vegetables to cook and for salads, extra protein in the freezer, plus canned tuna and crab in the pantry, lots of eggs, Olives and Olive oil, I buy extra Kerrygold butter to clarify, Plus I buy and or make Kombucha to have at 5:00 instead of wine if I'm in that mood.  I look at cook books to make up ingredient lists for at least 3 meals during the week.  My favorites are Well Fed 1 & 2 and Nom Nom Paleo.  Good luck on your W30!

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Day 2.  I enjoyed cooking and eating today! I was so happy to feel satisfied with three meals, no snacks.  No cravings for sugar or alcohol, but I'd been alcohol free for about a month and a half.  It was hard at first, AprilS.  It gets better!


Breakfast: Cabbage, garlic, onions, red peppers, sauteed in olive oil, with some leftover roast lamb.

Lunch: Orange salad from "Well Fed", tossed with baby romaine, spinach, grilled chicken and avocado.

Dinner: Spicy Coconut Shrimp from "Nom Nom Paleo", sauteed spinach, oven fried potatoes and sweet potatoes, fruit salad.

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Day 2:

Hi SaraS!  I love it that you share recipes with where to find them.  I love to cook too.  I haven't tried either one of those recipes, although I cooked almost exclusively from WellFed 1& 2 and Nom Nom Paleo during my 1st W30.


WooHoo!  I slept through the night for the first time in at least a month!  8 hours sleep!  Also I made it through a family celebration dinner without any problems.  


B:  scrambled eggs with green onions and toasted sesame oil; snap peas

L:  roasted chicken with kale and carrots from Nom Nom Paleo

D:  Chicken thigh, mashed potatoes with ghee, butternut squash gratin from A Kitchen in France,  salad with romaine, avocado, green onion and red grapefruit segments with olive oil and vinegar.


I went to three stores yesterday plus US Wellness meats online.  The whole world is out of marrow bones, oxtail or another soup bones til Monday!  


Exercise:  I did a circuit training class yesterday am.  I got a new mountain bike for Christmas.  The weather has been too cold and wet to try it yet.  It wasn't great yesterday but I couldn't wait anymore so I went on some mainly flat trails for about an hour.  Fun!  I need my cycling endorphins!

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Sara - read up on the benefits of gelatin.  Sounds like it could help with some of your problem areas.  This is the third log I've suggested gelatin on... I'm like the local gelatin-pusher :)  But, honest, it works!

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Thanks littleg! I will. 


Today was Day 3, and a little harder than days 1 and 2.  I found myself looking in the mirror when I got dressed and feeling down about the extra weight around my hips and belly, and questioning whether this plan was going to "work" for weight loss.  I love the concept of not focusing on weight, not using the scale, and appreciating other changes....But it is hard to let go of the "gotta lose this weight!" mindset.


Tonight was harder, too, because we went to a party that started at 5:00.  It was for appetizers and drinks.  I brought some really good paleo/compliant meatballs I made, and ate those and some fresh vegies that were available.  I drank Perrier.  I felt a little uncomfortable without wine to ease my mild social anxiety, but this is an important thing for me to work on.  When we came home I felt sort of unsatisfied - I think because it had not been a real sit down dinner; just standing around and nibbling.  I ate a handful of cashews and then felt the old familiar guilt I would like to shake off.  I don't want eating to make me feel guilty!  But I also don't want to use it for comfort.  I think I will really try to avoid social occasions that involve mealtime for the rest of my Whole 30.


Hope everyone else is doing well! 

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Today was going to be Day 3, but I realized I had eaten ham and bacon that were cured in sugar and salt. I made the decision to start over and do it right. I have some of the same issues, craving what other people are eating and just feeling like "oh well" and stopping short of the number of days  I've committed to. I feel so much more committed this time so I plan to see it through. Glad I have this forum and my blog! My boyfriend is great but doesn't understand the 100% compliance thing so he thinks a glass of wine is fine here and there. He said shouldn't it be 6 months of moderation instead of 30 days of being strict. I'm like.... I can't change in big ways unless I change in big ways 

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" I can't change in big ways unless I change in big ways"  

Yup! I feel the same!



Meal One:  Homemade compliant meatballs :http://paleogrubs.com/appetizer-recipes

                     Steamed Spinach

                     Roasted sweet potatoes


                      Handful of cashews


Meal Two: Romaine lettuce

                    Baby Spinach


                     Green Olives


                     Balsamic vinaigrette



Meal Three: Hamburger




                       Roasted sweet potatoes


I feel like this day was too heavy on the sweet potatoes!  


Mood is low this evening.  Rough day at work, and I felt down when I left, and had the thought, "I want a drink..."  Didn't have it though, and I'm glad!


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Day 5.  Okay, so maybe I had a touch of the "kill all the things" mentality today.  I was cranky.  Things are stressful at work, and I shed some tears today. Feeling kind of raw.


I enjoyed my food, though!  I am not going hungry, that's for sure.  It makes me wonder if I could possibly lose any weight this way.  I know, that's no what it's all about...but I'd still like it.


Meal One: Grass fed ground beef, browned with fresh tomatoes and lots of spinach. Topped with onions and avocado.


Meal Two: Grilled chicken, sauteed cashews and vegetables (spinach, cauliflower, green beans) in clarified butter.


Meal Three:  Smashed Steak with Cherry Barbeque Sauce from "Nom Nom Paleo" (this was so delicious, my kids ate most of it, and I only got a small portion! I was thrilled the boys all liked it so much!  Pineapple, green grapes


Snack: Macadamia nuts.  I know, not great to snack on nuts.  I was getting really crabby before dinner and had a handful while I cooked.  Maybe lunch wasn't big enough, or I had dinner too late...


I'll keep working on all of this!

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Day 11.  I haven't been posting here since joining the Whole 30 Facebook group, but I'm in such a bad mood today, I think I should be journaling too. I also don't record every meal there, and maybe that would be useful as I assess the changes I've been experiencing.


Today I have felt as if I had PMS...testy, irritable, angry.  Hubby and I are not connecting, but the mood feels independent of that.  Here's what I ate:


Pre-workout: Small portion leftover chicken curry with cashews and cauliflower. Black coffee.


Post-workout: Leftover Marinated Asian Flank steak. Red peppers. Cherry tomatoes.


Snack: Banana, cashews, pistachios (not the best snack, I know!! I was so cranky, I wanted food to help.  I need to work on NOT EATING FOR COMFORT. 


Lunch: Leftover paleo chili over spaghetti squash and steamed spinach.


Dinner: Roast Beast from Nom Nom Paleo.  Green beans in clarified butter with toasted hazlenuts.  Orange, herbal tea. 

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Hey SaraSmiles,


Your food sounds yummy.  I get the crabby, eating for comfort thing.  I have learned that whatever the underlying needs are, they will be met, either legitimately or mal-adaptively.  That means if I'm tired and I don't rest, I will end up overeating etc to meet the unmet need.  So the trick is to figure out what you really need and GET THAT.  Not that I have it down yet, I am still working on increasing the percentage of times I have a healthy response.


It can help to look at the Whole 9 website to identify some areas of need.  My challenge is like yours:  not eating for comfort.  But I would like to say it positively, figure out what I need for comfort and get that.  Comfort could really mean companionship, rest, etc.  It takes practice to figure out exactly what I need sometimes and it takes discipline to have that instead of my favorite default, food or wine.


Also, it is just a kind of crummy time of year.  All the fun of the holidays is over, I am left with the aftermath of spending and indulging, and the weather is bad so I am limited in my endorphin-producing outdoor activities.


It's ok to be grumpy if that's where you are!  Hang in there,


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