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Lisa's exciting results in 2015!

Lisa H

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Monday, December 29

Had a good breakfast today (eggs, broccoli, two dried apricots), indulged in final days of decaf coffee with cream, chicken potato soup for lunch, and indulging in french toast with maple syrup for dinner.  Getting REALLY excited about starting the plan on January 1st - this should be fantastic.  Both my spouse Sylvia and I are looking forward to feeling better - primary focus is on losing those weird aches and pains that we've accepted (until now) as part of being in our early 50s.  Reading testimonials has spurred us on to do our own health repair, and if weight loss is part of it, so much the better!  My focus is on decreasing depression and moodiness around sugar as well as weight, Syl's is to get rid of so much of the weird pain she has.  We're both, along with our friend Janet, very very much looking forward to this plan! 

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