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I'm on Day 9 of the program and would like feedback on my eating:

I have followed the same template since the start so I will just give you yesterday's food and so far today.


Breakfast: 1/2 egg frittata (2 eggs) with mushrooms, onion and zucchini in it. Cooked with tbsp Olive oil. Handful of blueberries topped with melted coconut butter about 1.5tbsp

lunch: about 5 oz grilled chicken, side salad with broccoli and cauliflower with macadamia nut oil and balsamic drizzled over. 1/2 avocado

dinner: about 5 oz sirloin with roasted broccoli and cauliflower cooked in macadamia nut oil


Breakfast: same as yesterday

lunch: same as yesterday only I had about 4-5oz sirloin instead of chicken. I also had a small bowl of strawberries

dinner will be pork chops cooked in coconut oil with lots of green beans.

Thoughts or areas to improve? Thanks for any feedback!! I have been getting hungry about an hour before meals but I am scared to eat too much.

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Are you male? female? exercising? tall? short?

It doesn't look like too much food to me but without more info it's hard to say. If you are truly feeling physical hunger then up the portions just a little or adjust the timing of your meals and incorporate a small snack. The snack should generally be a mini-meal with a combination of protein/fat/carbs (HB egg and carrots, apple and some nuts or beef jerky, or even a cup of chili or stew etc). Don't forget pre-workout and post-workout snacks. They are in addition to your three meals.

Good luck!

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Sorry, didn't think about adding personal info. I am female, 5'3" and about 195lbs. Hoping to lose weight while on the whole30, though I know it's not the point. I injured myself about 16 months ago and haven't been able to work out, and i have gained back about 20lbs of 55lbs I had lost prior to my injury. I am hoping whole30 will help it finally heal. The only exercise I get now is about 1-2 mile walk a day with my dog. Thank you for the advice.

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