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Starting a new lifestyle January 1st for college students


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I am starting the Whole30 this January 1st as my new years resolution. I will also be starting my 2nd semester of college. I am planning on finding a way to make this plan work for college students (People who need fast snacks, cheap meals, and easy drinks). If you are a student or young working person feel free to join me!  :D 


I have always struggled with how I look and started using the gym at the beginning of December. I noticed myself feeling better and less sluggish but throughout the holidays I have found myself wondering away from my plans. I am hoping that with this Whole30 program, I will be able to change my life. My boyfriends mother has done the gluten free diet and his brother is currently doing the Paleo diet. I am hoping to gain happiness and healthiness through my lifestyle change. 


I have tried to lose weight before and found that involving my family and friends had only discouraged me because I felt like I let them down. :unsure: This time I am going to try to keep it on the down low. Instead of relying on them to make me feel like I am changing my habits, I am going to rely on myself. After all, I am the only person I need to please. 


If you have any helpful tips let me know! I look forward to traveling this path with all of you!  :D 

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Hi! I'm not a college student anymore, that feels like a lifetime ago, but I know we've had other students on the forums -- try googling Whole30 college to find past discussions and food logs. You might also find some of the suggestions in the Whole30 travel guide useful, for things that require minimal prep and are easy to take with you on the go.


Best of luck to you!

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