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New Year's and My First Whole 30


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Hi Everyone!


I have been lurking around health sites and reading for too long so it's time to take action.


I have a question for the community and hopefully someone has experience with this situation.


I was a heavy smokeless tobacco user for 23 years, finally in July 2013 I found an online community that helped me beat that demon.  I was thrilled as time went on at how much better I felt, I knew it was a bad "habit" but no idea just how terrible the damage nicotine can do to our bodies.  Freedom from that addiction has been the catalyst for more change, I have come to believe that i must continue to make changes and grow as a person.  My question is in my 530+ days of tobacco freedom I do occasionally use candy and sugar free gum to satisfy the occasional oral craving.  I would love some suggestions or substitutions that would be Whole30 approved, anyone that has quit nicotine knows it can creep up on you when your not expecting it so I like to always have a plan for when it rears it's ugly head.


I was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic a few years ago and have been heavy since got out of High School.  My heaviest was 360 pounds in the Spring of 2009.  The shock of seeing that number (had not been on a scale in years before that) was enough to make small changes and over the course of 2 years I got down around 325-330.  When I quit tobacco in 2013 I was 325 pounds and since then have continued to make small changes to get where I am now which is right around 300-305.  I feel I'm ready to take the next bigger step and really change my life.


I look forward to finding some new friends and support here, my experience with the tobacco quit community has really primed me for leaping into this community I hope.  I have friendships from that experience that I will maintain forever so I know just how powerful this kind of support can be.


I am still working on my "official start date" but began my "mostly" whole30 plan this past Sunday, which constisted mostly of cutting out Diet Soda and Sugar Free Monster Energy drinks.  These frankendrinks seem to stimulate binge eating, specifically of the pizza variety and so far I am already feeling better this week.  I need to clean out some cabinets and go shopping so I expect to start my Whole 30 full force on Friday, Jan 2 or Sat, Jan 3.

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Welcome and congrats for making such positive and continuing health changes!


The Whole 30 might be the time to step away from the oral fixation altogether. I'd recommend interrupting the urge/craving with an activity that makes you more, not less, healthy and breaks the cycle of putting something in your mouth. Go for a five-minute walk or do a set of air squats, for example. 


Another option, if it's not to woo-woo for you, is to repeat a mantra to yourself when a craving strikes. I've had several friends quit smoking this way. Every time you get a craving, say in your head something like "I am strong, fit, healthy, and free" or "I am in charge of my life" or whatever else strikes your fancy and captures a state of being you plan to attain. It certainly can't hurt, and no one but you has to know you're doing it.


Best of luck to you!

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Congratulations on kicking the tobacco! Well done! :D


Gum is not allowed on Whole30, which may seem really scary, but the chewing action sends a message to your body that food is coming. If you spend a lot of time chewing, but not eating, it can really mess with your body.



Peppermint tea (hot or cold) gives a similar fresh-mouth feeling.


If you love soda, there are some compliant flavoured mineral waters around, like La Croix. Check the labels, they should have no sweeteners, artificial or natural :)


Welcome to the Whole30 family! :) There's a huge January thread going already if you'd like to join.

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As a former smoker myself, congrats to you, that is no small accomplishment!  My suggestion for working through that "craving" is to just let it wash over you.  They are typically gone in 20-40 seconds at the stage you're at.  The less you sub something else in, the less they'll pop up. A decade later I still get the (very) occasional craving and all I say to myself is "I am so grateful that I don't smoke anymore!" and usually by the time that phrase is over I'm reminded of how much better life is without the nic and the craving has passed. 

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