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Starting 1/1/15

Rachel Joy

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Hey, everyone. My name is Rachel and I'm started my first Whole30 on the first of January. 


I'm excited to dive in and to eventually feel healthier, sleep better, and want to be more active. I'm hoping that by doing this program, I can break my emotional dependence on food. I've always been a bit of an overeater, and sometimes it's worse than other times. Lately, it seems to be worse. I'm tired of food making me feel guilty and unhealthy. I'm tired of my days revolving around what I'm going to eat later. I'm tired of being exhausted all the time and then not able to sleep at night. 


I've had points in my life where I wanted to do a detox diet like this, and when I committed to it, I felt incredible. It felt like I was eating the way I was supposed to eat. I love my body, and I want to treat it with total respect and appreciation. By eating good quality meats, eggs, fish, poultry, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats, I'm truly being kind to my body! I hope these memories of feeling healthy can help get me through the tough parts of the Whole30, and finally make me in charge of my own eating habits. 


I'd love to hear any insight and advice you folks have to further motivate me as I step into this journey. 


Thanks for reading,



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Good morning and congratulations on arriving at Whole30!  We're so glad to have you on the forum!


There is a large group of people in a thread that are all starting on January 1st as well, if you're interested in joining them for some support, encouragement and chatter they can be found here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/23414-anyone-planning-to-jump-in-on-january-1st-join-me/

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