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I feel like I have been gearing up for this for 2 years...


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Hello! I'm Michelle, a 30 year old residing in Seattle. Since July 2013 I have started and graduated from health coaching school, completed an 8 week sugar detox and a Sober September, did some sessions with a personal trainer and have tried my hand at a few other things to keep pushing myself towards living the life I imagine for myself. I feel they have all been great intros to finally tackle the Whole30 and I couldn't be more excited!!! My boyfriend and I are starting on Friday January 2!


I am looking forward to kick starting 2015 with good habits and sleeping better. I am also starting a 10 week bootcamp on January 5th and I cannot think of a better way to really take the new year by the horns with extreme focus on ME!




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Wow, sounds like you're in a really good place to start this protocol!  Depending on what your diet is like now (carbs vs protein vs fat), you could experience "lead legs" for a couple of weeks during your boot camp while your body converts over from a carb user to a fat burner. Don't get discouraged, it does go away after a short time.  Keep up with eating your starchy veggies (at least a serving a day depending on your activity level) and make sure you get those pre and post workout meals in!


Have fun!

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