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Over 60 and starting first whole30

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Today was day 31. Since I never ate a whole lot of legumes or grasses, I've decided to more or less continue the Whole 30 format but allow for no more than 2 "deviations" per day. So today I enjoyed some bacon ( from Proper Sausage in Miami). I had it in the freezer, but waited until completing 30 days because it was prepared with maple syrup. The scale was a little disappointing because it is still shows a number that has me gasp, but I chose not to do a "before" weight so I don't know how many pounds have been lost. That being said, I feel a whole lot better, and clothes are not as tight. Energy is definitely improved. Like all of you, I just need to keep at it! I think the one revelation today was the bacon was good, but I don't crave it! My psychological relationship with food has probably been a bigger factor than I had ever considered or believed.

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