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Casein and Whey


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I don't know if this is the proper spot for this, so please move if need be.


I personally don't use either of these substances (at least that I know of), but my two boys, who are in their 20's use these protein powders that are loaded with them.  One jar for each and they say they need it because they work out.


Now, both were active cross country runners in high school, but neither of them are body builders of high endurance athelets.  My one son does Yoga quite a bit and still runs some, and my other just goes to the gym with his girlfriend to work out (circuit training I think).


The ISWF book has a nice section on p127 - 128 that talks about Whey and puts it into understandable terms.  But all it says on Casein is "we never recommend them".  


Can someone please give me more information on what Casein can do and why it is never recommended?  I really don't think they should be using these two items, and I know as adults, they can do what they want, but I would like to provide them with some information besides just the info the weight lifters tell them that they "need this stuff".


Personally, if they want protein, I think the book says it best.  Eat some meat, eggs, seafood as opposed to this stuff that is more a chemistry experiment than a health food.





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Thanks... so other than some possible allergic reactions, is there really anything seriously dangerous with regards to Casein?  I know with Whey, it can kick up some serious insulin responses (and I wonder if this could increase someone's chances of becoming a type 2 diabetic at some point), and they way they worded it in the book it made the Casein sound like it was even worse with regards to something but they didn't say what.

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