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Beginning to become the real me Jan 2nd


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I am a newbie to this Whole 30 system. I have been on a roller coaster with my weight since I had my first child (27 years ago). I even went to drastic measures and had a gastric bypass in 2002. I successfully lost 147 pounds, but then injured my back and the weight starting coming back on. I did not regain it all, but enough to wake me up. I have slowly been taking the weight back off this year, losing 42 pounds, but I have also been paying attention to how I feel after I have eaten a meal. Not only can I feel sluggish, and bloated but I feel my mental clarity is lacking as well.

I purchased the book this fall, but between two daughters getting married, and twin grand babies born 10 weeks early, I didn't feel I was in a good place to begin. Now I know I'm ready. I'm nervous, kind of scared. I love my iced tea daily, but I have used a package of sweetener in it as well. Water and I have issues, so I need to get past that and learn to love what it can do to help my body. I love to cook, but I will need to master planning and prepping. So as you see this will definitely be a work in progress.

I feel I have failed so much over the years, I even failed gastric bypass surgery, I am done failing! I am ready to be the me I have always intended to be. I feel now I am worthy. I have raised 3 kids, survived a bad marriage, lost my mother and a sister to cancer, now I feel it's time for me. Is that bad? I will have 8 grandchildren by next summer, I want to be here to play with them, be healthy for them, and be here to see them have my great grand babies. They deserve that.

I'm new to this site and the forums. I find such inspiration and guidance just reading posts and success stories. So I apologize in advance for any silly questions I may ask, and there will be a lot! But I'm thankful I found the book, and this site, and I look forward to the new me I will become in 2015!

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It's not bad at all to want to put importance on how you feel and how your health is.  It's wonderful and a shining example to all the young ones around you!


There are no silly questions.....but we do recommend you try googling "Whole30 + whatever your question is" because chances are it's been asked, answered and discussed previously.  This way you get the benefit of all the info without having to wait for someone to answer!  ;)


Water is an issue for some who are used to drinking sweeter things.  You can try fruit infused water (put a jug in the fridge and toss some sliced apple or sliced peach into it and let it sit).  La Croix sells compliant sparkling waters that are flavoured (I think there are a couple flavours that might not be compliant so just make sure to check the ingredients first for any added sugar or sweeteners).  Lemon or lime or mint leaves are a hit for some people.  Try the water at different temperatures, if you can't stand it cold, try it room temperature or even slightly warmed.  Or if it needs to be nearly frozen cold, get some good ice cube trays going! Once you get away from the habit of quenching your thirst with sweetened tea, your thirst for water should increase.  :)


Have fun going through all the success stories and forum threads! There's also the Whole30 blog which is a fabulous resource!

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