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Checking in from the rainy Northwest


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Hello Everyone,


I heard about Whole30 from my CrossFit box in Portland and am excited to see what this is all about.  Last night I ordered It Starts with Food and am looking forward to diving into the book this weekend.  Once I work through that over the next week I will be committing to my own Whole30 challenge.


Over the last few years I have been working with a naturopathic doctor to significantly improve my health through intense workouts and an 80% paleo diet.  I find myself slipping back into poor habits from time to time and am looking to reconstruct my habits going forward.  In the past I have seen significant improvements to my vasculitis, eczema, and good cholesterol levels when focusing on a anti-inflammatory, paleo diet.  Looking forward to maintaining those benefits long term through the Whole30 program and pushing forward afterwards.  Weight loss is an added bonus, but that is not my overall driver.


I look forward to the insight, expertise, and motivation from the greater group as I push forward.



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