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April's 2d Whole 30 1/1/15 start


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Today is day 0, New Year's Eve.  I am so ready to start tomorrow.  Too much food and wine over Christmas!


I have new goals for the Whole 30 this time:


Who: Me

What:  Eat Whole 30 approved foods only

When:  Only at Meal times, no snacking

Where: at the dinner table

How Much:  Just enough to be hungry again for the next meal.

Why:  To have health and freedom and beauty (i.e. be the best version of me)


Last time I did the W30 I was 100% compliant for 60 days, but never focused on quantity.  In fact I regularly overate.  So, I did not address the emotional component of eating.  While the health benefits were still good, I felt like I left something on the table.  I got free from physical cravings, but that is not the whole story for me.  I want freedom from emotional dependance on food too.


So my plan is to pay attention to hunger and fullness and to learn how much food my body needs physically.  I want to deal with non-food issues too.  

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AprilS, I am starting a whole 60 tomororrow, like you I feel very ready to start. It is not my first time either, but it will be the first time I make it to 60 days without any slips. I have done a lot of work on eating mindfully and knows these skills will help me with my whole60 this time. 

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Day 1 in the books!  Yesterday went well.  No snacking, stayed on plan.  


I wanted to note some of the symptoms I am experiencing so I remember how much better I feel after they go away:

awake in the night, heart pounding from sugar or alcohol; achey joints; red bumps on my face; puffy face and fingers on waking; bloated achey tummy; digestive issues; weight creeping up; craving sugar and alcohol.


B:  scrambled eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, 1 T clarified butter

L:  Roast chicken, broccoli, acorn squash, 1 T clarified butter

D:  Pork Rib Roast w garlic and thyme, Nom Nom Paleo's braised kale and carrots, sautéed apples onions and pears, 1/2 c toasted flaked coconut.


It helps me to drink hot tea or decaf after dinner.  

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Day 2:

WooHoo!  I slept through the night for the first time in at least a month!  8 hours sleep!  Also I made it through a family celebration dinner without any problems.  


B:  scrambled eggs with green onions and toasted sesame oil; snap peas

L:  roasted chicken and carrots with kale

D:  Chicken thigh, mashed potatoes with ghee, butternut squash, salad with romaine, avocado, green onion and red grapefruit segments with olive oil and vinegar.


I went to three stores yesterday plus US Wellness meats online.  The whole world is out of marrow bones, oxtail or another soup bones til Monday!  


Exercise:  I did a circuit training class yesterday am.  I got a new mountain bike for Christmas.  The weather has been too cold and wet to try it yet.  It wasn't great yesterday but I couldn't wait anymore so I went on some mainly flat trails for about an hour.  Fun!  I need my cycling endorphins!

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Today starts day 4.

Day 3 was great except for snacking on macadamia nuts before bed. Wrong x 3! I ate before falling asleep, IN bed, while watching a movie on my iPad. I am rereading ISWF and saw the how to eat guidelines: 3 meals, no snacking, stop eating a few hours before bed. Not sure how I missed that the first time. They explain that when we eat, how much and how often can help heal our hormone response. Makes sense. I'm not going to do that again!

Good news, I slept through the night again.

B: 2eggs, butternut squash, carrots and kale

L: tuna, homemade mayo, a grapefruit

D: Nom Nom paleo's pad Thai (Yum!) pineapple

Snack: a fistful of macadamia nuts

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well done. I totally failed, we went to eat out, survey several rstaurants with my partner getting annoyed as I couldnt find meals on the menu from outside, we then found one I was happy with, so we went in and got a table, only to find the menu was no "normally" used. Bottle of wine plonked on table, meal decided for us.. first course melted cheese... we were tired and hungry.. so...yep... I ate the cheese and had wine! the rest of the meal was OK, but not so happy with myself today and given up til at least tomorrow when I can get some food in crom the supermarket. Wondering if I actually want to do this now! .. glad you are doing well :)

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Day 5 today


Day 4. cravings hit.  We had a family dinner.  Normally would have had a glass of wine while cooking or with dinner.  Instead I had a Kombucha.  Then had a great dinner and wanted dessert.  Instead, I had an apricot and a fig at the end of the meal.  Was tempted to graze after dinner but resisted.  So I feel happy about that.


I have been pretty sleepy the last three days and I have taken a big nap each day.  I was grateful to be home from work so I could.  Last night was the 3d night I slept through the night, too!  That is a big improvement for me.  Also, little red spots are gone from my face and the bloating and digestive upset are gone.


B:  Breakfast hash: diced potatoes, red peppers, onions and sausage topped with a poached egg

L:  Left over Pad Thai and pineapple

D:  Kombucha, Country Captain Chicken, Cocoa Roasted Cauliflower, both from Well Fed, Kale Salad, 1 apricot, 1 fig, 1 cup hot tea with a little coconut cream


Exercise:  Hard trainer ride

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Great job April! You're inspiring me to stick with the no snacking rule - I've not been doing that so far this Whole 30 (Day 5!) and I'm going to start today.  I've been managing portions pretty well and hoping to stick with that as the going gets tougher. :)

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Hi Justin!

Nice to hear from you.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Today was one of those horrible days that come a couple times a year and make me want to have about 3 martini's.   Having friends like you to do this with helped me stay motivated to think through my choices and make a wise one.  And most of the problems got smaller as the day went on.  Whew!  I feel like I dodged a bullet  :)

Making Thai Green Curry with shrimp for dinner.  Yum



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Day 5:


Definitely the "kill all things day" haha.  The W30 timeline is amazingly accurate! http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/


I made it though and without turning to food or drink or even snacking on W30 food to get me through. Progress! I really appreciate the forum support and the W30 Daily email to help me keep on track.  They (you) replace the indulge mentality with a new set of values and a new normal.


B:  2 boiled eggs. a butternut squash and pumpkin soup

L:  small piece roasted chx breast, 1/4 acorn squash w ghee, rest of the pumpkin soup

D:  Well Fed's Pad Thai with zucchini noodles and shrimp, 2 figs 


Exercise:  cardio sculpt.  cardio and weights at 5:45 am MWF

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Oh man, I really wanted a cocktail last night.  I am in a stressful time and wanted out. I would have had something to drink if it weren't for the W30.  I thought about it, but just had a kombucha instead.  That was a major victory for me.  I think I'd better plan something fun bc I think my self control can get worn out.  Well I am getting my hair done this morning and I think I'll have lunch with a friend.


I am still sleeping through the night, even better than the first W60.  Achey joints starting to go away.  Moods are more stable too.  The first time after i finished the W60 I noticed how eating sugar produced anxiety.   


I want the cold weather to end to I can go for a long bike ride and get some endorphins!

B:  2 boiled eggs

L:  chicken thigh, bone broth & veg puree

D:  Kombucha, Well Fed's "best chicken you'll ever eat," a couple homemade kale chips, 1/2 sweet potato w ghee, broccoli, Tea w coconut cream and 2 figs

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Day 8 & 9 were hard, had cravings, Day 10 was much better!


B:  Coffee w coconut cream and a raw egg in the blender.  Veg. soup

L:  2 eggs scrambled, more veg soup, an apple

D:  Roast pork and an orange.

Ex: High intensity interval training, yoga, 2 hrs mountain bike


Not very much food for the amount of activity but  just was not hungry.  Crazy.  Maybe the appetite control and fat burning hormones they talk about in ISWF are starting to work better?  

PS I do not like normal Veg. soup.  But mine is homemade bone broth with vegetables pureed in and it is delicious.  Probably richer than normal veg soup too.

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