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I'm Starting to Panic!!! 1-1-15 is here


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Tomorrow is the day and I feel my mind starting to race with the details.  I've been following Whole30 on Instagram for 3 months but just got the book on Kindle yesterday.  I'm running to the book store today to get a hard copy... must have sticky tags and a highlighter going.  I'm thinking of doing what I know for January and going all in February 1.  Here is what I understand and falls in to the "no-brainer" side of things.


Eat one ingredient things... apples, chicken, beef, grapes, sweet potatoes, etc...

Eliminate: processed foods, grains, refined sugar, (and because I need to drop 50 lbs as I eat clean- keep starchy fruits and veggies to a minimum)


Where I am not confident is in eliminating dairy/cheese and  the "this kind of bacon, that kind of ghee" stuff.  Am I compromising to much here to have it all matter?  Has anyone else successfully migrated their way in? 


My fridge is stocked with shredded chicken, cooked wild game, sautéed veggies, fresh eggs, and a veggie tray... am I missing anything obvious.


Also, one more thing... I have a rockin vitamix blender and love to make almond milk protein shakes with Jay Rob organic egg white powder.  I was planning on having these as a staple but read on a post somewhere that smoothies are a no-no. 

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Aksims, A moderator will probably chime in soon but for someone who just started reading yesterday you sound like you are pretty well prepared. I would jump right in tomorrow with what you have prepared and add as you keep making trips to the grocery store. Trust me the one great thing about whole 30 is you will be eating not starving yourself so you will go through all that food relatively quickly. You can eat foods that have more than one ingredient but what is stressed is that you can pronounce all said ingredients and that the foods you eat are as minimally processed as possible, an example of this is coconut milk which comes in a can, is minimally processed and usually has one or two additional ingredients like guar gum (which is whole 30 approved). 


With the above being said one of the rules of the whole 30 is to eat your food which is why there are no smoothies, if I remember correctly from reading the book it goes back to the way your body breaks down and processes food you eat vs. food that is blended (essentially broken down for you) and then you drink. You are not absorbing the nutrients in the same way. I would read the ingredients on the egg white powder, something is telling me there are some non compliant ingredients in there. 


The easy rule of thumb to get you started is eat good food, start with your palm sized protein, fill the rest of the plate with veg, and make sure to have some fat at every meal usually 1-2 thumbsized portions is recommended like coconut oil or avocado. Good luck sounds like you will do great, I am diving in tomorrow as well!!

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You have a pretty good plan with the foods you have prepared. Work on getting some green veggies in there. 


Be careful about removing starchy veggies to a low level. Many people suffer mood disturbances and low energy when they don't eat starchy veggies regularly. I lost weight while consuming lots of starchy veggies, so don't think you have to cut them out to shed pounds. You don't. 


Dairy consumption pushes the restart button every time. It is critically important that you not eat even a little. 


I have never seen a non-compliant ghee, but I suppose there is a first for everything. 


You would do well to eliminate bacon for the next 30 days. It is not a good protein source and there are plenty of other good fat sources to eat. I have been able to find bacon that is not cured with sugar occasionally, but it won't hurt you to avoid it entirely. 


Smoothies are not banned, but they are strongly discouraged. You can complete a Whole30 while consuming smoothies, but you will undermine your results doing so. 

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One last clarification. You mentioned refined sugar in your initial post...but all added sugars are out for a proper Whole30. Fruit is fine (we recommend 1-2 fist sized servings a day with a meal) but no other sweeteners natural or refined.


Ramping up slowly into a full Whole30 is fine if you have the time to do it. You get to decide what is best for you. 


Is the egg white powder you have unflavored? I looked up the brand and it looks like the unflavored one is compliant but the flavored ones have added sweeteners - xylitol and stevia - which would make them non-compliant for Whole30.


You are doing all the right prep work and asking all the right questions - I wish you great success in your journey!

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I'm starting Tuesday and spent yesterday deciding what to cook and shopping. Right now I have a cooked roasted pork roast, 2 pounds of cooked ground turkey, spaghetti squash cooked, broccoli and green beans and the best ever chicken about to go on the grill. Loved, loved, loved week one menu and meal planing. Basically did every thing she said expect for the chocolate chili. I also made the sweet potato frittata. I made the awesome sauce and the morracan sauce. Now I hope I can figure out how to make it all go together!


Thanks everyone for the help - us newbies need it! 

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You need to relax. I tried the "prepare in advance" thing. It always sucks for me because I get to the day I planned to eat chicken and I feel like beef. And eating clean is not hard. While I am new to Whole30, I am not new to eating relatively clean. Bacon is not bad if you eat organic. You can buy that at Whole Foods. The biggest thing is to make sure that it is not processed with nitrates or sugars. Experiment. Make it fun. If you like to cook, you'll have no problem. If you don't....you might have a hard time. What kept me in check when I first stopped eating processed foods was all the gunk that is included. The preservatives and additives. I went organic a couple months ago and what keeps me going there is the thought of eating pesticides.


Unless you are a serious sugar nut, this should not be hard. Want tomato sauce? Make sure it doesn't contain sugar or anything else but tomato and maybe salt. Better yet make it organic. Or make your own. Want almond butter? Go to Whole Foods (or equivalent) and grind it fresh. It takes more time looking at labels, but I think it is well worth it. I made almond milk yesterday.  Very easy and not as messy as i thought it would be.


Though after saying all that, I have been eating something that when I stopped sent my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia into full swing. I have felt like caca since yesterday. It will be interesting in the end to see what it is. Trivia maybe? Black beans? Quinoa?


Good luck.



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