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Gayla's 1st Whole30 Adventure


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Glad to see there is someone here my age!

New Year's Eve is exactally why I decided to start on the 1st! My [single, mostly widowed] friends and I celebrate together every year and we all bring food. Needless to say, I toasted in the new year having consumed every non-whole 30 on the table!

Here's to a happy, healthy, successful Whole 30 and Whole Year!


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Thano you for your encouragement and good luck to you also.

Breakfast: Balsmic vinegar brussel sprouts (recipe is from "the 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking by Hayley Mason & Bill Staley) with 2 microwaved poached eggs.

This will be one of my rotating 3 breakfasts for 2 weeks. However, I do like breakfast for dinner!

My dh has reluctantly joined me on my adventure, lol.

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Skipped Lunch because of late start! So...

Since my dh is doing this with me, he chose the protein and I did veggies!

Dinner: Dallas and Melissa's Mocha Steak rub (p. 279 of their book) on ribeyes; asparagus (microwaved) and mushrooms and onions sautéed. Delicious!!

Leftover steak for lunch.

Have finished cleaning my kitchen and have shined my sink (per my FLY evening routine). Done.

Checked my calendar for tomorrow's appointments. We have 3 appointments. Now I will pick out my clothes and get myself ready for bed (at 10 pm) and relax.

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Day 2 -  Coffee with canned coconut milk (has guar gum, is acceptable according to rules!), 1 tsp. coconut oil; whirred up in a Magic Bullet.  AKA Bulletproof coffee.  No chocolate in the mix for the next 28 days.  I can do this!


1 Large cup of homemade chicken broth. 


My dh has physical therapy (right knee replacement) and eating a large breakfast is not a good idea.  So, today we will have brunch.  


Brunch will be:


Broccoli Casserole (mushroom, onions, broccoli, eggs)-lots of leftovers!


I woke up with fewer aches and pains, what a great way to start my day.  This really is an anti-inflammatory diet!

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Day3. - Breakfast: Hash - leftover super sausage patties (1 lb. ground pork + 1/4 lb. liver, grind liver and mix with pork. I let it sit in the fridge overnight, season and cook) + 5 eggs + 1/2 leftover potato diced. Mix up and serve.

Slept badly, don't know why. Left shoulder is beginning to ache less.

Lyle played golf for the first in 4 months! He came home much happier.

Snack - almonds

Dinner - Nom nom paleo Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy (leeks and garlic+chicken puréed using immersion blender) and Faux Tatoes.

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Day 4 - Breakfast: Mushroom, spinach & egg scramble with leftover gravy (Slow Cooker. Roast Chicken & Gravy, put it on menu at least once a week!).

Aches and pains are going away.

I knew dairy and grains were not friendly to me but sugar! This really is about food sensitivities and our bodies 'fight or flight' from certain unhealthy foods and chemicals. So, my internal organs have been fighting to keep me alive and I haven't given them much help. Knowledge is power.

If you always do what you always did,

You will always get what you always got! - author is unknown.

Change is good Gayla, even at this age! Wtg!

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Dinner:  Leftovers from Slow Cooker Roast Chicken and Gravy (note:  the gravy only gets better!)


Not snacking nearly as much and my cravings are close to non-existent!  I think I 'want' crunchy potatoes chips, so I eat carrots instead.  Or do I want chips?  Changing a bad habit?  

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Day 5: Breakfast: scrambled eggs with leftover mushrooms and onions.

Today, I really began listening to body. It s been talking all along, I just haven't been listening!

My joints ache so much less, it's amazing to me. To realize I created these problems in my own body, by eating SAD! So, now I have begun thinking about when this over, do I eat strict paleo or Primal? I know I cannot eat dairy. Grains, can I indulge once in awhile?

I will do re-intro and decide then. Baby step my way through this minefield.

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Day 6

Breakfast: egg scramble leftover veggies. Not bored with it.

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, assorted veggies (leftovers!)

Dinner: homemade hamburgers w/onions, yellow squash and sliced avocado.

What a difference a day makes!

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Day 7 - One week is gone and I survived it intact!  Woohoo, go me


Breakfast:  is a repeat of yesterday!


I am planning to give up caffeine, starting today 1 cup in the AM!  Do you hear me, 1 cup a day!  


The 'sugar dragon' appears to have been permanently slain and I do not want to repeat the last 6 days; carb flu...yuck!  Once is enough and repeating the same mistake when I know what the results will be; is rather like banging my head on the wall and wondering why I have a headache!!!  


I have a waist, who knew!  I think my internal organs are doing a happy dance sometime, maybe my imagination is working overtime, wtg me!

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Day 8 - 22 day to go!  I have to decide which paleo plan I want to follow.  I am looking at Mark Sissons Primal (bought the books); sort of a cheat system.  Or follow strict paleo...I don't believe I can do this 365 days a year.  So perhaps a happy medium might be achieved by blending recipes from Nom Nom Paleo, Clothes make the girl and Primal.  I already know that dairy is not my friend.  In very small increments it is doable.  Not daily, perhaps 1 or 2x a month.  


This is going to be on my mind for the next 3 weeks.  I have gone through so much and do not want to return to what I was, unhealthy and unhappy about it!


Today we will get our 15 minutes of sunshine by walking around our neighborhood.  


Breakfast:  Garlicky Brussel Sprouts with poached eggs.  It is my favorite, who knew I would embrace veggiedom!  CostCo sells 2 lbs./$2.98 a bag.  Prepped them last night after dinner, cut stem down..slice in half, put them in greenware.  Supposedly keeps veggies longer than baggies, we'll see.


I am an admitted procrastinating/perfectionist (I've got all day to that!); although having found FLYlady and following her free program, my home is not in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) anymore; I am decluttering my home and now with Whole30 I am decluttering my body and my brain.   I really am fortunate to have found these teachers or perhaps its faith or perhaps it just Karma!


Anyway, as I become healthier and happier, my dh smiles more.   That makes me even happier.  

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January 9 = Day 9:  Breakfast was again Brussel Sprouts (can they be a new addiction?) and eggs.  Very satisfying.  With my usual semi-bulletproof coffee (I believe the coconut oil helps to keep my tummy very happy!).


I have decided to incorporate the beginner exercises from MarksDailyApple.  Here is my schedule (if I write it I will do it!):


Sunday/1x/week:  Walk/Sprint (15 minutes)


Tuesday/Thursday/2x/week:  Wall push away = 40

          (10-45 Min.)                  Chair assisted pull-ups = 20 (if I am lucky/1 will be it)

                                               Wall Squat = 50 

                                               Hand/Knee plank = 90 (hah!)


And we are getting our 15 minutes of sunshine daily + after dinner strolls.  


I am glad I finally made a decision about exercise, I won't do those amounts but its something to strive for!  Who knew I would become an overachiever at my age!  


As for "life" after Whole30, I have decided to continue using Melissa and Michele and ISWF until the Whole30 cookbook comes out in April!  I do not wish to be back where I was, so going forward (perhaps euphoria, perhaps reality) I am happy and do not want to sabotage myself.  I deserve good health and so does my dh.  

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January 10 - Day 10!! 1/3 done, 2/3 to go!!! Wtg me!! Ty Whole30 for teaching an old gal to respect her body and that I can learn new tricks!!

Email today was food/menu planning. I wrote our dinners on 1 1/2" x 2" yellow sticky notes which fit on my FLYLady calendar exactly. Wrote name of dish, sides, cooking methods. I have decided to make a Whole30 compliant binder/cookbook with our favorites printed out, this will keep me busy and I won't contemplate what I can't eat!! In So. California it gets hot most of the time, it's 60 degrees outside now and this is winter!

I have a freezer page, detailing freezer contents. Getting organized in the beginning can seem time consuming but in reality, looking back, it is not that difficult.

Grok on Gayla, Grok on!!

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Wow(still day 10) - Primal Blueprint is starting a 21-day challenge (starting on Monday) regarding eating/exercise, etc. and I signed up! It uses the same exercises I wrote about doing, there is cyber page and details about how to do it right and everything. I am so excited, 2015 is definitely looking up!!

I am NOT just getting older, I AM getting better!!!!

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January 11 = Day 11, on today's scedule: walk/sprint (per Primal). Walk and then sprint (as fast as I can go, lol...for 10 steps), repeat! Tomorrow is beginning of 21-Day Primal Challenge, now that food issues are under control I will start on exercise. Even doing the minimum is better than what I have been doing!

Coconut oil - I have tsp.+ every day in morning coffee, is this helping with satiety? Is it helping my immune system to reboot with less difficulty?

Breakfast: poached eggs and brussel sprouts!

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: chocolate chili (we have family visiting and I thought I'd try it out on them! I am getting sneaky in my old age, we are the only paleos in the family.)

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Day 11- did my PEMs; definitely, beginner status! 21d/PC...1st day is tomorrow; we are to try and fast (from dinner tonight until 10:00am Monday). Nothing to eat, water is okay, no Java! It is my first challenge, besides the PEMs.

Wall push-up = 10/30, pull-ups = 0, wall squats = 10/30, plank = 1 for 15 seconds/goal was 3@60 seconds apiece! It rained all day so walk/sprint will have to wait.

Food is definitely not an issue, flexibility moves to the top of my to-do list.

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