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My Crossfit box is starting a Paleo Challenge at the end of the month. There are some general rules, but not too many specifics regarding diet. I felt I needed a bit more of a plan to follow so I came here. I'm planning on doing Whole30 and use its guidance for the Challenge.

So here I am; reading through the site info over and over. I think I understand things well enough, but it is depressing just how "wrong" my current diet is. I think there are four things in my fridge that I can eat. Good thing that there is ice and water in the fridge door, because I counted both of those. I didn't bother looking in my cupboards -- nothing there but processed food.

I'm in a slight state of shock regarding how unpure most of my food is and am struggling to figure out what to eat and how to fit Whole30 into family life.

I'm confident that I'll get myself squared away and I'm looking forward to this.


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Yup, it's a challenge...but I'm on day 20, and loving it! Find a group on the forum (start here) beginning the same time you are, and you can talk your way through it together. I've been with the same group since before day one, and it's been an invaluable source of support and ideas, not to mention finding out that what you're feeling is pretty normal under the circumstances!

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