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Starting January 5th. Accountability partner?


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Hello! This will be my first time doing the Whole30. Many factors have encouraged me to do this, but the main one is gaining 25 pounds this past year, feeling lethargic, and not having my clothes fit anymore. :(


My husband and I also want to start a family soon, and I know I want to be fit and healthy before I get pregnant. I'd hate to have to lose the 25 pounds on top of the pregnancy weight afterwards!


I've researched the whole30 for a while now. It seems there is no better time than now. I'd love an accountability partner. I'll be *trying* to update a couple times a week of what I've been eating. I'll also be posting to instagram, let me know if you'd like to join me.

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Hi Blanche,


Good of you to start the Whole 30!

I'm starting my second one Monday 5th.

The first time was in October and I felt great. I was planning to keep up the healthy eating and that went well for a while, but in December I fel of the wagon.

Too many tempting sweets in December.

The forum is nice to get ideas and encouragement.

I also post on Instagram.

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