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Jumping RIGHT in!


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Hi all!


I actually started yesterday and found the forums today! Currently doing the Whole30 with a group of Nerd Fitness rebels on facebook in a group - the help is amazing, so I figured having more here could NOT hurt!


My why: To discover and eliminate triggers for migraines and feelings of "Ugh" after eating. 

              To feel healthy and look amazing

              To fall in love with real food and stop relying on "crap" additives and flavorings to make fake food better. Real FOOD!


I am currently working on a 90 day hybrid workout program with pilates, yoga, strength and cardio elements that I LOVE. 


Back in August, I hit my stride with working out daily, eating really good food and feeling amazing. For about a month, I was feeling the life changing effect of good health. The beginning of September brought a change in medication which resulted in a MAJOR hormone swing, loss of motivation  - and a 20 lb weight gain. I was back at square one! I have no been rolling around in my little pity party for a few months saying "I should..." and really feeling terrible. Using that medication change as a crutch was all too easy and led me to long days of desk sitting and bad choices. 


Last week, I was introduced to the idea of the Whole30 as a way to "reboot" my system and also help to find what is triggering the migraines I have suffered since I was 13. While I in no way feel like this will be easy, I do feel like it is attainable with the correct mindset and desire to change. And so here I am!


It is day two and the sugar beast is on my back begging for me to cave.... But I won't! I am going to warrior through and focus really hard on why I am here. 



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