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This is my 3rd whole30. I've been able to pinpoint lots of my food intolerances in the reintroduction phase which has greatly improved my well being.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and currently eat a better than average diet. But I have some issues to work on!!! I have lots of food sensitivities and want to completely eliminate these foods from my diet before baby comes (hoping I can go into labor easier and have a better birth experience for me and baby than last time).

My huge issues:

Coffee...I like it a little too much. I go to bed looking forward to coffee in the morning. I can't stop thinking about it! Then it makes me grumpy and short tempered.

Dairy...in the coffee. I have asthma and can't breath as well when I have dairy.

Soy...makes me puke. For some reason I always think that just a little (soybean oil) in an ingredient list won't hurt me. That I can handle it. Then an hour later I'm hunched over the toilet heaving.

Still trying to figure out why I consume these foods that I know don't work for me. Perhaps I secretly like to torture myself? Not sure why they are so hard to give up.

Here is to an amazing first month of a new year! And a commitment to health and wellness!

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Well…day 1 could have gone better : (

Got distracted sledding in the snow with my 3 year old and didn't get home for lunch until 3pm. It was probably worth it!


Meal 1: Bacon, veggies, hot water with lemon, 3 dates (I know, lots of sugar. I have to eat 6-10 dates a day says my Midwife, because last time I went to 43 weeks preggo. Apparently dates help you go into labor on time)

Snack: 1/4 apple - oops, ate part of my kids snack, so hard to resist!

Meal 2: Chicken/veggie soup, shrimp/veggie nori rolls with sunshine sauce. (3 more dates)

Meal 3: Not hungry!!! Can't eat too late or I can't sleep. Only had 2 dates stuffed with macadamia nuts.  And lots of Raspberry leaf tea.


Goal for tomorrow:  Space meals better, no snacks.  Look into if I can do a green smoothie with dates (i.e.: hating dates!).  I'm also not eating lots of starchy veggies or lots of fruits because the dates are making me feel a bit overloaded with sugar.  



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Have you talked with your midwife about why she recommends the dates? I don't know of any science to back this one up, and the blood sugar spike does not seem like a good thing to me. 


If you get to the point where labor needs to be induced, you could try one of the other things people suggest--ie, go for a long walk, have sex, get acupuncture--all of these are also said to help and would be much lower risk.

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Thanks for the input missmary.  So last pregnancy I tried all the things you listed, and many many more things like pineapple, black licorice, hikes, trampoline, chiropractor, acupressure and acupuncture, herbs, oils, birthing ball, spicy foods…. the list is long.  

Here is the study on dates:


I know it's just one study, but to me it's worth it.

I am worried about the blood sugar spikes.  I have issues with hypoglycemia so I always eat them with a protein or a fat or after a normal meal.

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Day 2:


M1: steak and greens cooked in some lard (2dates)

M2: leftover steak. Leftover shrimp and greens wrapped in nori. Leftover chicken soup. (4 dates)

snack?: Green tea with coconut milk

M3: hamburger, tomato sauce, greens, roasted yucca root.

throughout day: red raspberry leaf tea and water.


Did much better today! Works better if I eat at normal times.

Craved a latte all day!!!!!!

Craved a "treat" all day.

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Thanks for posting the article, I have never seen such research before. Fascinating. I guess I am now wondering what it is about the dates that makes the difference, to speculate on what else might have the same impact with less sugar, but you are clearly in the thick of it now: do what you feel is best for you and the baby.

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Yah I know! Who would have thought dates could do that? I must say, eating the same thing everyday gets old fast.

I usually stay under 100 or so grams of carbs a day, or less that way I don't I have crazy blood sugar swings that set me up for cravings and feeling grumpy.  I have had some low blood sugars with the dates but no high swings which surprises me.  

My usual blood sugars I keep between 60-110 with diet alone.  With the dates they have been between 40-118. I only hit the 40's three times before I realized I needed to eat them with protein or fats.

With my first child I tried for a home birth but wouldn't go into labor. At 43 weeks we went to the hospital to see if the baby was ok.  He wasn't.  He was born 20 minutes later by emergency c-section.  He's fine now, thankfully.

This time I'm doing everything I can to go into labor and have a normal delivery.

One of the many things I'm doing is to make sure my diet is clean and I've eliminated all cross reactive foods and foods I'm sensitive to from my diet.

Hoping if I decrease inflammation my body will work optimally.

My goals for this W30 are to eliminate coffee, dairy, soy, grains, legumes.

I mostly have a hard time with coffee, dairy and soy.

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Day 3:

M1: ground beef with arugula, tomato and yucca, green tea, 2 dates

M2: ground beef with arugula, tomato and yucca, 4 dates with brazil nuts stuffed inside

M3: ground beef with arugula and mushrooms. Plantains.


…and now my batch of ground beef is gone : ( so sad.  I love leftovers.


I almost drank coffee today!!!  (I'm doing my W30 without coffee).  Went shopping at Trader Joe's and made a little sample cup of coffee like I alway do.  Brought it to my lips and then my brain freaked out and said, "STOP!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING! YOU QUIT COFFEE ON THE FIRST!"  That was a close call : )  It's strange how ingrained my habits are.  It's the same thing in the morning when I wake up and start the hot water.  

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Day 4:

M1: bacon, mushrooms, onions, green beans, 3 dates, tea

M2: chicken, avocado, cilantro, lettuce, sunshine sauce mixed together and rolled in nori, 1 date, tea

M3: sweet potato, 3 dates, tea


Meal 3 was a bust! I make chicken soup but was too full to eat it by the time it got done.  I had made my son some sweet potato for school lunch and ended up eating some of that.  Too many carbs today.  I feel it!


Thinking of all the foods I wish I could eat!  Mostly pizza and those big cinnamon sugar pretzels.  Yum, Yum.  I haven't had either in 3 years because of gluten allergy.  Strange that I'm thinking of them now.  Maybe I will make the meatza in Well Fed.  

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Day 5:

Is it already day 5?  That went by fast!!!

M1: green beans/bacon/mushrooms/onions/4 dates/tea

M2: 3 pork ribs, greens, 3 dates, coconut milk, tea

M3: Chicken soup, 1/2 green banana cooked in coconut oil with salt


Craved, craved, craved a Latte!!!!

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Day 6:


M1: chicken/veggie soup, dates, tea

M2: a whole avocado, dates (my gas line was broken when I came home to make lunch and I couldn't cook.  Was hungry and just ate something)

M3: Chipotle carnita, picco de gallo, guac, lettuce


I came close to giving up today.  Got stressed over gas line rupture and wanted some coffee ice cream.

Still can't cook, don't have hot water and heat isn't on.  We will see what happens tomorrow….

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Hi, I just posted about the dates -- I am 32 weeks pregnant and was looking for suggestions on the date blood sugar spike.  How are you feeling? 


I am trying for a VBAC in March.  Like you, I tried everything last time -- chiro, acu, membrane sweep -- and I finally went into labor at almost 42 weeks.  It ended with an emergency c-section.  So, I'm resorting to the dates this time.  If nothing else, it's a lot cheaper.


Just wanted to wish you well!

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I'm back!  Our gas line is fixed and our stove/oven work again.  I was able to stick to the W30 rules, but not the recommendations.  Anyhow, I'm back 100%!!!

The main things that went awry when the gas was out was that I had trouble putting together the portions of macros in one meal.  So I would eat a bunch of protein for one meal and then a big veggie salad for another meal.  It was a struggle!  I craved lattes a lot.  But I stuck to it.

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