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Patricia's Whole45


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Having had a ton of success with a well known sugar detox a couple years ago, followed by enjoying a Paleo lifestyle after that, I've slowly lost my discipline and focus. Knowing I'm going to embark on a Whole45 on 1 January makes me really look forward to the New Year and feeling great again. 



  • I will feel good again!
  • I will be healthy, strong, relaxed and present to enjoy my family
  • I set a good example for my kids
  • Choosing clothes and getting dressed will be easy and quick in the morning
  • I will set a good example for my clients and have useful experience to build from


I've planned for a Whole 45, with a Valentine's celebration at the end at Pure Taste London. Venue chosen on purpose to continue the momentum well beyond 45.


There are a couple upcoming events that could potentially derail me. 


1) Weekend with my coaching colleagues on 9, 10 Jan. Wine will be biggest temptation. I'll need to focus on my Why, and enlist their help with sticking with the plan. Sticking with it over that weekend will feel like a big accomplishment.


2) Probable Girls' Night out in January. I really love these monthly get-togethers. This time I'll either encourage a February meet-up, or skip it. Easier to put temptation out of the way than struggle through it.


3) Dinner with friends on Feb 7. By this time I'll be really committed, so I think my momentum will really help. Also, these friends can be very supportive, so I'll enlist their help.


Overall January is tough - I love coffee, and it has often helped me through the dark, cold mornings.


Will need to remember that coffee also gives me headaches and makes me very grumpy and snappy.


I will work with PT 2 days a week and pilates one day a week. Would like to incorporate stretching / walking into daily routines.


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Day 1

Breakfast - baked salmon with tomatoes, red peppers & steamed broccoli

Lunch - grilled chicken salad

Dinner - leftover Chocolate Chili (Well Fed) over steamed spinach + mug of carrot & coriander soup (raiding the fridge!)

Felt great other than very hungry by 4pm! Need some good fat in the lunchtime salad

Not enough water

2xlemon & ginger tea

Very relaxing pyjama day with the kids

To sleep too late! 

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Foggy headache all day, finally went away after taking a nap after dinner.

Breakfast - scrambled eggs & steamed broccoli

Lunch - baked salmon with red peppers & steamed spinach

Snack - mug of carrot & coriander soup and a couple olives

Dinner - aubergine strata (Well Fed - yum!!)

Felt hungry again at 4pm. 

Liquorice & peppermint tea

2xlemon & ginger tea

To sleep too late again!

Timeline was useful - hopefully I get through the grumps soon and quickly!

Feels good to have 2 solid days in the bag.

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No headache this morning! Replaced by that weird muscle-achy sensation and fatigue in the bones.

Had a coffee with coconut cream at 2 to see what would happen - mistake! Still feeling hot & unfocused 5 hours later and hoping I'll be able to sleep. Quite shaky & stressed & tense about an hour or so after. Need to remember that so I can avoid it again!

Breakfast - egg, red pepper, red onion, garlic, spinach scramble

Lunch - leftover aubergine strata

Dinner - Pad Thai on courgette noodles (Well Fed - yum!!!)

Felt much better this morning in terms of energy and not as foggy. 

Much better on water, NO caffeine!

While the family crunched popcorn during the movie today was distracting, it wasn't tempting.

Digestion working well and reduced bloating. Now just have to get rid of this awful cough and congestion!

Feels great to be ending Day 3, and feeling positive about next weekend, as I should be starting to feel better. 

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Hard to distinguish between W30 side effects and potential cold - so much congestion in the sinuses!


Felt really sleepy and sluggish today, so looking forward to going to bed early. Will have to keep the coffee lesson front of mind tomorrow morning as the morning school routine starts!


Breakfast - leftover aubergine strata

Lunch - carrot & coriander & ginger soup, 1/4 leftover hamburger, 1/2 avocado

Dinner - Roast chicken, carrots, mushrooms, onions, kale, cauliflower. Yum, I love roasted veg. Can't wait for the chicken stock tomorrow!


Lots more water today - feels really good and hits the spot.

Realisation: I eat without thinking when I'm tired, and when I'm cold. Coffee is more tempting when I'm cold.

That chicken broth will be useful when I sit down to work tomorrow morning with a stuffy nose in our cold, broken-boiler house!

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Feels great to wrap up Day 5.


Things always work out. Was worried about upcoming workshop weekend... and it has been cancelled due to others' commitments - yay! Feeling really fortunate to have no wine-laden temptations for the first 37 days. I will probably go for the "rehab" route and avoid wine-filled social events. I'd love to have the feeling of accomplishment overcoming the in-the-moment temptation, but I'll love the 45 day achievement more, and extra sleep and reduced stress is more important to me right now.


Really annoyed at the sore throat that harkens back to whatever flu-ey thing I had back in early December. Off to bed very soon.


Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with coleslaw from Well Fed 1 - YUM!

Lunch - Was in a hurry, so easy baked salmon with yellow peppers & tomatoes... and couldn't get enough coleslaw this morning, so more of that

Dinner - Baked chicken thighs from Practical Paleo - with more cabbage! I was craving my coleslaw again, but I was cold so wanted something warm and comforting. I also really really wanted an apple today. So I went with this recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo (with green apple), and it was incredible. I love caraway seeds.


Had a cup of chai tea (Tea Pigs) with coconut cream mid-morning. The caffeine didn't bother me at all. I savoured the spices, and would probably be just as happy with a non-caffeinated version. It hit the spot. Afternoon snack of 1/4 carrot and a teaspoon of leftover Sunshine Sauce from Saturday's Pad Thai.


No grumps today, feeling pretty positive and downright energetic, despite lurking cold. No food dreams, but very adventurous dreams, so must be feeling better.

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Glad to see the back of Day 6. Feeling very grumpy and tired. Have let little things get under my skin today, so no real reason to be grumpy.


The promotion email totally worked - I ordered Calm, much to my mom's delight.


Breakfast: chicken broth + coleslaw (it made a lot!!)

Kept myself warm with chicken broth since throat is getting worse

Lunch: tuna salad lettuce boats

Dinner: Shepherd's pie, which the boys destroyed, so we'll make that one again. Was really in the mood for comfort food tonight, so it was perfect. Swapped out sweet potatoes for cauliflower because they were about to go off, and added minced red pepper and spinach to the meat. The lamb was a nice change.


Off to bed. New day tomorrow. 

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Ahhh, missed a few days of the journal to get to bed early! 


Wednesday - Day 7

Breakfast: scrambled eggs + coleslaw... lots of coleslaw to get through


Pilates mid-morning which was wonderful. Really good to breathe and stretch, and hopefully helping to clear out my chest.


Lunch: Chicken salad


Dinner: Courgette noodles topped with meatballs.


Still feeling rubbishy with cough and sore throat.


Thursday - Day 8

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with steamed broccoli & coconut aminos

Lunch - Tuna salad

Dinner - leftover shepherd's pie


Friday - Day 9

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with steamed broccoli & coconut aminos


Fabulous workout! Back in the gym after a month off! I missed it. 


Lunch - Chicken salad


Didn't feel snacky or hungry in the afternoon.


Dinner - Grilled chicken, cauliflower rice & a basic salad (spinach, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, basil, olive/avocado oil) - one plate of chicken / rice was enough + 2 plates of salad


Felt sooooo tired before the gym. Felt very tired in the afternoon, but not foggy or lethargic. Just ready for a good night's sleep.


Feeling calmer too. Noticed yesterday my reactions to things were very relaxed and calm, where before I might have gotten worked up.

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Yay!! Day 10! 

I'm sooooo tired. Maybe because S got up at 4:30, then I stood in the rain to watch G play football.


Breakfast: Baked eggs in avocado. Yuck. I learned I don't like baked avocado.


Lunch: leftover shepherd's pie with leftover cauli rice


Dinner: Everyone loved it! West African Chicken Stew (another Well Fed 2 home run) over basic cauliflower rice with roasted kale & roasted parsnips. Can't believe the boys were scooping up cayenne, garlic and ginger so enthusiastically.


Lots of lemon & ginger water. Starting to feel like my lungs and throat might be (??) getting over this virus.


Slow digestion, maybe that's why the headache. Looking forward to another session in the gym tomorrow and again on Monday (!!). Will really need to focus on stretching and lots of water.


Meant to post on yesterday's  that I forgot to do measurements before or near Day 1. I did them yesterday (Day 9). Weight gone up a lot since Jan 2014. I'm now at 84kg and 38% body fat. A lot must change, and I know this will be a long process. Overall goals are to reduce the body fat. Would really like that below 30%, and I know that takes a long time. I also want the blood tests to get back to a good place. Will measure again after the end of this Whole 45. Will take a short (1 week) breather (maybe), and then back to it with another 45-day focus, probably 22 March to 4 April, which takes me to Easter. Hmmm, maybe another week breather then another 6 weeks, which takes me to my trip to Spain with my parents.


The best plan is to simply only ever cook from Well Fed and Well Fed 2 then I'll be in a great place!

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Day 11

Feeling good and got more sleep.

Morning workout where I felt like curling up and going to sleep & PT remarked on how unfit I'd become! Well, it's true. I'd be concerned if I didn't have a plan. Happily, she also said I usually regain it quickly, and it's usually down to the food. Though if I'm not exercising I'm a wreck, so the daily email on exercise was perfectly timed!


Breakfast: eggs scrambled with onion, tomato, green pepper and spinach

Lunch: leftover meatballs with basic cauli rice and some carrot sticks

Dinner: roast chicken with roasted mushrooms, onions, carrots & kale


Was hungry for lunch and dinner about a half hour before each. Found it easy not to snack in between meals.


Found it easy to meet a friend in a local coffee shop and enjoy a quality pot of peppermint leaf tea without being tempted by the coffee at all.


Had a great time in the afternoon running around with the boys in the park playing football. 


Overall a really nice day. Wondering why I didn't have the energy or interest to run around and play in the park over Christmas and I just didn't have the energy or the attitude - the food is making a big difference.


Napped at midday - slept HARD! I needed it. Looking forward to bed by 10 tonight.

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Day 12

Starting to feel really good. My face is looking healthier and more relaxed. 

I was up in the middle of the night though coughing and with a huge headache! Not great for sleep. Felt like I couldn't get settled then the alarm finally went. Massive headache until about 10. Took some paracetamol and it finally went.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, steamed broccoli & spoonful of avocado.

Lunch: leftover West African Stew - the best thing ever - over basic cauliflower rice

Dinner: Tried out some new stuff: Egg Foo Yung with some Spicy Secret Sauce from the recipe, along with some Nori Chips, but slightly simpler than this recipe.

Good recipe for the Egg Foo Yung. Did prawn ones and chicken ones. Extended the recipe by 1/2 to feed the 4 of us and have some leftover. Great use of cabbage leftovers.


Few cups of fennel & liquorice / peppermint & liquorice tea

more water today


Looking forward to bed - again an hour too late!

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