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starting today: my first Whole30! Goodbye hormone imbalance?


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Hi all! 


So excited to introduce myself and get any advice from #whole30 vets. My name is Joy and I am 25. I turn 26 in 26 days! Perfect time to start my first whole30, yeah?


Why am I doing the Whole30? I have severe PCOS. If many of you aren't familiar, that's Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. That could mean one, or all, of many, many things. Judging by the amount of women that I know that have PCOS, I'm certain many of you know lots and lots about it already. :)


For those that don't know, here's a bit of info: PCOS manifests itself in many ways. For many, it's the recurring of cysts on your ovaries. For me, it's never cysts - but instead - the symptoms that come with having PCOS. Excess weight gain, hair growth, excess androgen, irregular menstrual cycles and imbalanced hormones. People with PCOS are twice as likely to gain and retain weight as the average person and are more susceptible to heart disease and diabetes. I learned last year about PCOS and I learned that many women experience no symptoms and have no problems having children or managing their weight. I, on the otherhand, have all the terrible, ugly, and often painful symptoms of this fun syndrome.


My doctor recommended, in loose terms, a paleo diet. I followed a primal diet for 5 weeks (had trouble completely kicking dairy) and lost 12 pounds. They literally just disappeared. I felt wonderful and was happy, for the first time in years, with how my body felt. Shortly after the lifestyle change began, my husband and I moved to a new home, then went on our honeymoon, and you can imagine what happened then. I fell victim to eating out, getting comfort foods, and quickly reverted to my old ways. My PCOS symptoms are back stronger than ever, and for the first time, I have acne. What?!This is my body begging me to get my act together.


So, this is the year, folks. Since many women who exhibit PCOS symptoms have trouble bearing children and I can't be one of them, it's time. My husband and I plan to start a family in several years and I need to get back to a healthy me so I can have a family and a future. Also, if you are a female who experiences any of the symptoms I explained above, you are not alone! Go see your doctor and start planning to make a change.


After reading Mark Sisson's words and the WONDERFUL 'It Starts With Food' book, I am convinced I can change my genetics. I can revert this - it really does start with food.


All the best to you guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and good luck on your Whole 30 journey! I welcome any tips, guidance and advice you may have to share. What works for you? What are your favorite recipes? Tell, tell, tell!


Thanks everybody! 

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My Dr also recommended a paleo type diet for my depression/anxiety and hormonal issues. I went almost a year with no symptoms and then fell off the wagon awhile ago. I've been trying to get the motivation to get back, but I've been very lazy. I made a list to stick on my fridge of the reasons why I am doing this.  I will be taking over kitchen duties for the family (not sure who is more scared about that, my husband or my kids) for my W30 as the last few attempts have been thwarted by a well-meaning-but-not-fully-understanding-the-program husband. 

We can do this, key is being prepared and having a plan. It's time to take back our lives and not let our hormones control us!

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I really love the recipes from Clothes Make The Girl (almost ALL of them are Whole30 compliant), she has two cookbooks, Well Fed & Well Fed 2 and loads of recipes on her blog as well as great cooking techniques for easy prep.


You may do even better without the dairy as dairy is full of cow hormones. As a huge dairy addict before, I was surprised how easy it was to get rid of it, new recipes made such a difference.


No grains really helps me with my hormones, and eating to the template.


If you've never had any done, you also might want to get some blood tests for any deficiencies (I was terribly low in magnesium before my first Whole30).

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