Nauseous - can't even think about protein... Help!

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I'm putting this in this location also in hopes of some good encouragement and help!!

Day 4- still sick to my stomach bad!

Woke up and hubby was making mushrooms, peppers and eggs in the skillet. I was gagging and had to step outside to get air- no joke what on earth!!! It's super discouraging :( I am not pregnant and I feel fine other than wanting to throw up thinking of protein. Any protein- chicken, shrimp, beef, etc is making me want to throw up. I managed to eat chicken last night bc I couldn't do the shrimp. And every bite was a struggle.

I managed to eat fruit and some nuts. But I'm starting to doubt this process for me. I can't get my protein in so am I doing more damage than good trying to stay on the Whole30?? I am worried I am not getting enough protein. Is this going to pass :( the really weird thing is if I think of a burger with bun or fish sandwich from McDonald's- it doesn't make me sick at all. Could this be a strong willed mind trying to get me back to comfy food???

I want this to pass!!!!!!! Even the smell of his cooking made me sick, went outside and opened windows in the middle of winter :(

Other than that... Slept last night with no help of sleep aid!! And I can tell I'm way less bloated, my wedding ring is spinning and my tummy is less bloated. So those are great!!

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Guest Andria

This is a very common feeling for the first few days on the Whole30. It has been discussed numerous times. Take a look here Many of the same topics do come up often and if you do a google search: Whole30 + topic you may find your question was asked and answered previously.

I would encourage you to keep going, your feelings of nausea are not a requisite to cease the program. When this happens to me, I go for mild proteins and increase the starchy carbs (sweet potato is almost always appealing to me). Try some creamy soup, like butternut squash, and add chopped chicken. Ground beef with sweet potato and spinach may be easier to stomach than a "slab" of meat/ burger. Also, try some homemade bone broth which is very soothing on the stomach.

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Hi scornell, I don't get the queasy feeling, but often I feel like I have lost my appetite once I start the meal.  I continue to eat evenly around my plate consuming adequate proportions of protein, fat and vegetables and once I feel *fullish* I put the rest away for leftovers.  Sometimes, my appetite just returns as I am eating and can finish my meal.

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