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Martinelli's sparkling cider


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It this compliant?? I searched the forum and the Internet and couldn't find info. It seems to be, but want to make sure. Ingredients are: pasteurized 100% pure carbonated apple juice, pomegranate juice, grape concentrate for color, citric acid, natural pomegranate flavor, no sweeteners, no preservatives, no alcohol.

Was wondering about a small glass for our New Year's celebration

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1 minute ago, smits said:

Can I use my soda stream to carbonate my regular applejuice?

As long as your regular apple juice is compliant, yes, you can. Remember that you should be mostly drinking lots of plain water, so don't make this your primary beverage, and be sure you're doing a little juice with mostly water, not like 8 oz of apple juice at a time (which would technically be compliant, but isn't recommended because it is a huge sugar hit). You can read more about the recommendations about fruit juice in the Can I Have list

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