Jan. 3 Start Date--Whole60


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Happy New Year! This will be my third ride on the Whole30 carousel. My first two were markedly different from each other--the second time around I really felt the "tiger blood" and everything seemed like second nature (except the no booze, that is never easy). 


I started my last Whole30 the day after a half marathon, and felt so good throughout the 30 days that I wished I had done this during my half marathon training. Well, fast forward to this spring, when I'll be running a nine miler, half marathon, and ten miler before April. I thought a good way to see if I could change my time.


Also, I turn 30 this year (ugh, now I have to say "this year") and it's time to tame the sugar dragon once and for all and take care of myself. 


So, we're trying this thing for 60 days, which will take me up to just before my half marathon (and honestly, it'll probably become a Whole70 at that point). Looking forward to seeing what happens!



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Well, this is going to become a January 5 start date. I was hoping my head cold would be kicked by now, but it's not, and the various medicines I take have soy etc. in them. I'm still eating Whole30-style, but the meds will keep me from truly living the Whole30/60 life. 

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Alrighty, ended up being able to start yesterday. Not sure what it is, but I'm much less intimidated or anxious about this time around. Maybe because I mainly ate paleo post-Whole30 (except for sugar and beer/wine, hence the weight gain I'm trying to combat). I think also because this will last longer than the 30 days, I'm not focused so much on the day-to-day and thinking of this as a long-term plan.


Anyways, yesterday was a bit light on food since I still have drainage that was making me nauseous (TMI, sorry). I had fried eggs and butternut squash for breakfast, egg whites and veggie soup (homemade) for lunch, and a turkey burger and more veggie soup for dinner. Not the best whole30 day, but what I could stomach. Today I had a tomato frittata, asparagus, and a spoonful of cashew butter for breakfast, will have chili and broccoli with salsa for lunch, and chicken tenders and shaved brussels sprouts and assorted veggies for dinner. Post-workout tonight, I'll have some tuna. 



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Hi Pennylane14, make sure you're getting fat with each meal.  :)


A question about that--if I cooked my vegetables in oil (olive or avocado), does that count? i'm getting mixed messages on this--that cooking oil stays in the pan or cooks off, yet also that it counts as a healthy fat. If the oil DOESN'T count, then I'm struggling as to how to incorporate fats. Should I be drizzling oil over things before eating them? I'm trying to avoid nuts and seeds, and avocados/coconut milk don't have a place at every meal. Thanks in advance!

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HI Pennylane,


A lot of the time the cooking oil stays in the pan and while it is a healthy fat, we tend not to get as much of it as we think we do.


You can drizzle some oils on your foods if you like.  One of the easy and popular ways to incorporate fat is to make homemade mayo (there are a bunch of threads on the forum about homemade mayo and favourite recipes and how to do it).


You can also eat olives on the side, sprinkle coconut flakes on the item, make guacamole on the side, use pestos, eat fattier cuts of meat and of course whole eggs are a perfect fat source along with being a protein.

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Here we are, day 10. Can I say this Whole30 has been a breeze thus far? I went to a birthday party this weekend, brought my own La Croix, and actually ended up in a few conversations about the Whole 30 and why I'm doing it. I do feel like some of my workouts have suffered over the past week, specifically running (I've felt a little like I'm running through mud), but I know this will pass.


Now, I'd planned on making this a whole60. However, friends and I just booked a trip to Iceland in February. The day we leave will be day 45. So, we're calling this a whole45, with a three day break, and then back to a Whole 23 to prep for my half-marathon. I don't plan to go crazy in Iceland with off-plan foods, but I know I will drink and likely sample some delicacy that won't be Whole30 compliant.


Onward, folks!

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Hi all! Just a check-in on this journey. We're on Day 19 now (I think!). Time for some successes!


--more adventurous in the kitchen. I made my own ghee (a moderate success), tried parsnips (delicious!) and have been cooking with other types of protein (pork chops, hello!). I've also tried lots of new recipes, most of which have been successes. 

--more acceptance amongst friends. It could be because lots of friends are doing dry January, but my friends are more used to my Whole30s and not as incredulous about it anymore. I'm going on a cabin vacation this weekend, and they were totes understanding that I was going to buy specific items or not eat the homemade pizzas they're making. 

--easier to get in the groove. I really recommend doing two Whole30s close to each other. Less time for bad habits to come back, and your body just remembers what it's like to eat like this. And recipes are still fresh in your mind!


Some opportunities for improvement:


--being more diligent about ingredients. I took a last-minute trip home to see my parents, and ended up using cooking spray with soy lecithin in it. I didn't even think twice about it until the eggs were in my mouth. Also, chipotle is out of carnitas, so early on I got steak. Since it's a Whole 45, i'm not super worried about it, but still, frustrating (and would have devastated me on a Whole30)

--veggie and sweet potato chips: my office has ones that are technically compliant, however I know they're not a healthy option and are also a major trigger for me. Not allowed to eat them for the rest of the Whole45.

--Nut butter binges--nut butter is also not allowed in my apartment anymore :-/

--really struggling around tempting food. My trip home was for my mom's birthday and featured desserts and drinks galore. My parents were totally sympathetic, but I felt like because I was on "vacation" (umm, a 35-hour trip home) I should be allowed a treat. I didn't partake, but it was hard to stare down fancy martinis, champagne, pecan sticky buns, pancakes, birthday cake, etc. Le sigh.

--RED WINE. I WANT IT. ALL OF IT. Funny enough, this is what everyone on Dry January is feeling too. Regardless of red wine feelings, pre-booze-free, errrybody just wants all the red wine. WHAT IS IN THAT STUFF?!


Thanks for sticking through this whole post! Catch up again soon!

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