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First whole 30 - Here we go!

David Lyon

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Began my first Whole 30 yesterday and looking forward to the good and the bad over the next 30 days.

Yesterday went pretty well.

Breakfast - Shakshuka - eggs poached in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce. Tasted great and was surprisingly filling.

Lunch - Roast Beef and Bacon with cucumber and spinach. Followed with Watermelon.

Dinner - Bacon and Cabbage stir fry.

Was pretty busy throughout the day so had little time to think about food, which was great for me.

I need to get used to the forum, will start contributing more when i get to know the place.

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Day 2 went well

Scrambled eggs with onions peppers and garlic. Sauerkraut on the side. A hanful of blueberries.

Lunch was Roast Beef, Eggs and salad

Snack Ox tounge

Dinner Frittatta - sausage onions peppers and mushrooms.

I made need to increase my portion size around lunch. Felt quite low on energy on way home, hence the snack.

Feeling a bit of a whole 30 flu coming on, nothing i cant manage.

generally feeling good and motivatied to continue.

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Day 3 went pretty well. Was busy in meetings all day so my mind was kept busy on other things.

Breakfast - Frittatta - sausage onions peppers and mushrooms.

Snack - Banana

Lunch - Boiled Eggs, Pastrami, Bacon

Dinner - Ham

I really was not hungry last night so had a little ham and drank plenty of water. I probably should have eaten more, however after getting my daughter ready for bed it was pretty l;ate and i didnt want to go to bed with a belly full of food.

What I was really pleased with was that my wife had spent the day bakign cupcakes for a party tomorrow and i didnt even think about wanting one. I acknowledged the nice smell and walked past them.

My wife said she would join me on the whole 30 after the weekend.

Looking forward to the weekend, got a lot planned and will have to plan out my meals too. I've got 2 birthday parties which wont have any whole 30 compliant food there.

Hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend, eats, sleeps and trains well.

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Day 4 also went well

Meal 1 scrambled eggs with ham and sauerkraut.

Snack bacon and watermelon

Meal 2 ground beef with onions, peppers, garlic, ginger and bacon.

Meal 3 rest of lunch

Felt dehydrated all day despite drinking water all day

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Depending on the sodium content of your meats, this might be a factor. Also, you aren't getting much for vibrant veges in there. Veges have a high water content, so you might need to compensate with a lot of water if this will be your typical meals.

Congrats on the cupcake deflection! And on your wife joining you on this adventure. That's great all around:)

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Had no internet access for the last week so been missing from forums.

Finally thats resolved and i can start logging again.

Had a good day 5, 6 and 7. Was at 2 parties and avoided the buffet completely. When told to get some food i simply said, i dont eat any of that stuff.

Got a bug that has floored me for he past few days, but have remained compliant. i realise now that the typical "comfort foods" i would turn too when unwell will make things worse.

Have had a pretty easy first week compared to some other forum members. 7 days down, 23 remaining.

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Hi Debbie B

Thanks, it was a good week. I've been participating (not 100% committed) in paleo eating for most of this year which has probably helped with the first week. I remember all too well the carb flu, the caffeine withdrawl headaches and other adjustment my body made when first moving to paleo.

The short term pain is nothing compared to the long term benefits.

Hope you are enjoying your whole 30 experience, best of luck.

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Thanks Derval! I don't buy newspapers and on both photos I bought whatever newspaper was in stock at my local shop. I don't think they'd stock the observer though, lol. I do have a chuckle as the sun in holding in the before pic is celebrating how they defeated the pastry tax, preventing vat from being added to warm baked goods like pastry and toasted sandwiches. I was just beginning my transformation and the sun was celebrating keeping junk food cheap.

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Day 9 went well

Meal 1 Meatballs with scrambled eggs, sauerkraut, cucumber and grapes

Meal 2 Roast Beef, Boiled Eggs, Bacon, Grapes and Watermelon - Apologies no veg

Meal 3 Practical Paleo Smokey Bacon Wrapped Chicken - on its own

Was stuck in traffic after an accident for almost 2 hours. Came home to child with chicken pox. DIdnt feel like doing much cooking tonight so the vegetables suffered.

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My daughter is okay, she'd been out of sorts from beginning of the week and we put it down to teething. She actually eating and sleeping better now the spots have appeared. It'll run its course and she'll be back to normal, awesome self.

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Your daughter looks like such a little cutie! :) I hope she feels better soon. At least the chicken pox will be out of the way - my cousin had them as an adult and it was positively awful!

I voted for you in the competition - solid effort! i've just signed up for a 12 week challenge at my gym, I hope my results can be as great as yours.

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Thanks Hayley

Thats a pretty old photo of her, but id have to say she's even cuter now than she was then!

Good luck on your 12 weeek challenge.

What was of great benefit to me was keeping a workout log in a forum and setting daily goals as well as longer term (end of challenge) goals. I'll be honest, i didnt complete all my goals in the 12 weeks but i did make a lot of progress towards them.

I'm sure you can do even better. If you nail the nutrition down then you will make a huge difference. I'll watch out for your progress.

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