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Preparing to start on Monday 5th Jan

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I'm a little bit nervous about my first Whole30. I've been battling with break outs for the last 3 years and have tried skin care products to not using skin care products at all and even topical ointments from doctors. None of these have worked.

On December 10th I had brain surgery to remove a benign tumour and while in hospital I was pumped full of antibiotics and this cleared my skin. The clear skin lasted 2 weeks before I started to see my skin breaking out again. I'm sick of battling with my skin and decided I wanted to see if my diet has anything to do with it.

I played with the idea of starting Whole30 a year a go but was never game enough to do it. The surgery has given me a new perspective on my health and wellbeing. I really like how this isn't a weight loss diet, but something that promotes good health (which I have been neglecting) and emphasizes eating whole foods. I am nervous. I'm nervous about sugar crashes and being generally irritable, I'm also nervous about headaches and how I ripped up my stomach lining a few years ago by drinking coffee black on an empty stomach (I'll be drinking tea through the Whole30).

I hope I can figure out what is causing the breakouts and general intestinal issues through this process. I already know that I'm lactose intolerant, have an allergy to peanuts and sensitive to mushrooms.

Let's see how this goes!

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