Slept until 8ish.  Not a great sleep.  When my husband does the W30 he suddenly starts falling asleep at 8PM and sleeping 10 hours like a log - I'm the opposite.  I feel almost too energetic.     M1: 9:15 - breakfast bake (sweet potato, breakfast sausage, spinach, onions, eggs) + coconut milk on top.  And one lone strawberry that literally fell out of the refrigerator     Lunch was a huge bed of greens (yes, that is the salad *serving* bowl) topped with 1 red pepper and a few strawberries and some oil and vinegar.  Meatloaf and kobucha squash.  I had a recipe from Cooking Light that I made years ago for meatloaf muffins.  I followed it as close as I could making my own ketchup.  I made 3 loaves instead of muffins and made 2 and then added coconut flour to the third to see if it helped.  I couldn't tell a difference (half of each type is pictured).  So next time, no coconut flour.     Dinner was leftover chili, moroccan roasted cauli and carrots with coconut milk and a whole grapefruit.