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Jumpinjudi Food for thought log : throwing out the old and resetting for the new!


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Deciding to do the Whole30 because i need a RESET! 


Right now just trying to gain the knowledge to be successful and getting all my ducks in a row to begin my journey on January 5th!


Any advice on where to go for meal plans would be appreciated 


Excited to start and make 2015 an awesome healthy, fit YEAR! I started my journey to better health back in 2011 and have lost 90lbs by slowly and completely changing my lifestyle, eating habits and exercising. It truly has been a complete lifestyle change and even career change. I became a personal trainer and started working full time at my gym. The career change has made me sideline my workouts and i haven't been working out as regularly as i should be. Who would have thought that working at the gym would actually make me not want to workout! Well I have decided to rededicate myself and allowed myself the time of adjustment and not to beat myself up. 


Looking forward to this reset and rededication to all things i love!


Here's to a successful journey!

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So yesterday was my prep day of picking out a couple of recipes and meal idea's for the week. Then we hit the grocery store. Well we hit 2 because the first one we walked in didn't have any carts outside and when we walked in the lines at checkout were INSANE! LOL So on to Whole Foods we went. It took us a little longer to shop as this was our first extremely clean shopping experience. It really wasn't that bad. You spend most of your time in produce and meat dept. I had to ask where the coconut Amino's were and they were out but once we get use to buying and find our brands at we like it won't be so bad, because we won't have to label read so much.


After shopping then it was home to prep. So i needed to make my own mayo because i was going to make a chicken salad. This was so much easier then i thought it would be, well and it was made really easy because i used a food processor, but easy none the less. 


Some of the meals that i will be making this week are:

Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Grapow), from @Wholefork

Hawaiian Kebobs, from @3wholesisters

Jalapeno Berry Slow Cooked Wings, from @healthfest

Mini Breakfast Meatloaves, @bloemingfabulous

Sonoma Chicken Salad, @danikabrysha

Crock Pot Roast Beef, @aipxwhole30

Bacon (or Prosciutto) Wrapped Asparagus, @cookathomemom 

Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Wedges, @Sarah.Eats.Clean 


Ok soooo i started this morning bright and early at 5:15am!! 


Breakfast : 2 eggs and mini meatloaves 1/4c blueberries  black coffee

post workout: tuna and 1/2 baked sweet potato

Lunch: sonoma chicken salad

Dinner: Jalapeno Berry Slow Cooked Wings with green beans 


I am channeling the little engine that could and my mantra is " I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN.... chugga chugga"


Happy eating to all! You CAN DO IT!

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