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Jessie Gets Whole: round 2


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This is my second whole30. I completed my first in June/July 2014, and a further whole15 in September.


Since then, I've kept pretty faithfully to the principles of the approach, although there have been a few sugar and chocolate binges. I'm keen to reduce those instances in the long term, and trim up a little.


I started yesterday on the 1st of Jan:


Late breakfast snack, as I slept in until after midday, after partying for NYE: hardboiled egg and toasted coconut chips with cinnamon and sea salt


Meal 2: brussels sprouts, apricot and bacon salad (adapted from this recipe)


Meal 3: pork ragu with zucchini noodles, based on this recipe.



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Day 3


1. Comfort Noodles from The Clothes Make The Girl


2. A delay meant I was caught in the Oxford St area at lunchtime, in peak traffic, in the rain. Gah. I went to Pret and had my stand-by: crayfish with avocado. I passed on the dressing as I wasn't sure what was in it.


3. Brussels sprouts, bacon and apricot salad based on this recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo.




Pleased with myself for overcoming two hurdles today: being caught in the city unexpectedly at mealtime, and spending an hour or two at a pub this evening with friends without feeling any need to drink.

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Day 4


1. Egg scramble with onion, celery, mushroom, tomato, kale, hemp seeds, avocado


2. Tuna salad from The Clothes Make The Girl, and baked sweet potato


3. Spicy eggplant with turmeric cauliflower rice and bacon, using this recipe from The Stone Soup for the eggplant. I wasn't sure about how bacon would go but the combination was really good. I substituted garam masala for baharat in the eggplant, and together with lemon juice and seasoning it was a taste sensation with the bacon (which is "oak smoked Wiltshire cured" with no sugar etc).


Snack: I wasn't sure I'd had enough fat in my 3rd meal so I had half a carrot and some celery dipped in mayo.




I had a coffee this afternoon - my usual long black (espresso with extra water) - and found that my stomach felt a little weird afterwards. Will see how I am next coffee and assess.


I visited a new acquaintance this afternoon and tea was served together with shortbread. I resisted the urge - and luckily, wasn't called upon to explain, which was a small relief. I get a bit over people's curiosity about how/what/why and so on - particularly when I don't know them well. Guess I won't get my whole30 evangelist badge.

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Day 5


I dreamed that I ate a big bowl of ice cream, and felt terribly guilty and disappointed in myself! Took a little while upon waking to realise that hadn't actually happened. Phew.


1. Pork ragu (from The Stone Soup) with kale, tomatoes and olives


2. Egg wrap with bacon and avocado, from Paleo Polly. Have to confess I am borrowing her picture too, as I forgot to take one of my own..


3. Greek cinnamon beef stew (from The Clothes Make The Girl) with spinach and turmeric cauli rice


Peppermint tea, rooibos tea, peppermint & licorice tea throughout the day.



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Day 7


1. Beef and cabbage skillet from Paleo Leap. With sauerkraut. Double cabbage!


2. Herb crusted salmon with sweet potato and delicious crunchy salad (celery, spring onion, apple, brussels sprouts, mixed nuts, mayo)

Snack: walnuts & grapes while visiting a friend. The table was laden with incredibly decadent chocolate chip cookies, alongside gingerbread cookies, dried apricots, figs, grapes and walnuts. I stuck to the latter, just a few.


3. Zucchini and tuna salad from The Stone Soup



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Day 8

1. Cinnamon beef stew from The Clothes Make The Girl with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms 


Snack: handful of mixed nuts


2. Spicy eggplant with bacon, cauli mash and avocado 

3. Pork ragu with zucchini 


Nothing much to report. Feeling a little lacklustre earlier today but seem to be fine now.


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Day 9


1. Beef & cabbage skillet with broccoli and sauerkraut, and half a banana


2. Brussels sprouts and bacon salad with avocado


3. Hake with plantain and spinach. I snacked on a plum before my meal, and a mandarin afterwards. This is how I can tell I'm doing a whole30 - the fruit tastes utterly sensational!!



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Day 10


1. Tuna and zucchini salad. Followed by two slices of life-changing bread (I omitted the maple syrup), containing psyllium seed husks - I know these are considered non-compliant and I am okay with this one tiny exception for myself!


2. Lunch at a tapas restaurant: challenging! I had olives, house salad and chicken with romesco sauce (no cheese). 


Snack on melon


3.  Plantain, scrambled eggs and spinach followed by a mandarin



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1. Scrambled eggs with spinach. Black coffee on the trip from Brighton to London.


2. Bacon and broccoli salad, courtesy of Jamie Oliver, followed by a delicious mandarin orange. Mmmm fruit appreciation continues!


3. Beef and cabbage skillet from Paleo Leap with sauerkraut and carrot, chased with peppermint and licorice tea.


Having had two coffees today - a second after lunch - and noticing some mild anxiety, I wondered if the coffee was to blame. Otherwise, not a great deal to report. I'm pleased to be at day 11, approaching the 2nd week mark. I really want to try making bone broth but I have no slow cooker or pressure cooker, and am unsure about the stove top method. If anyone has a link for a trusted stove-top method that would be ace. I'll search the forums. 



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Day 12


1. Vege scramble, banana, three tulsi tea

2. Smoked salmon, grilled vegetables and avocado salad (at Fields, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Holborn - they were really good about piecing together this salad from a few menu options)

3. Hardboiled egg, nuts, banana


I wound up being out in the evening longer than expected, but my snack tided me over.


In other news I visited a nutritionist in the afternoon. It appears I may have low stomach acid among other imbalances. Really interesting - I'm waiting to see what she recommends in the way of supplements/treatment. For now, full steam ahead with the Whole30!



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1. Pork ragu, zucchini noodles, carrot, mayo, sauerkraut. Mandarin and creamy coconut milk. Ginger, cinnamon and turmeric tea, as recommended by nutritionist

2. Brussels sprouts, bacon and blueberry salad - for the first time, made with blueberries instead of apricot :)

Snack: nuts

3. Sardine fish cakes (from Ditch The Wheat) and mayo with grated zucchini and “waldorf” salad (featuring home-made wholegrain mustard, recipe from Saturday's Guardian Cook


I ate 3 of the fish cakes and saved 2 for another day. Today I ate quite a lot of nuts. It was borderline too many.. in positive news, I think sardines are going to be a new staple. They are so cheap!


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1. Vege scramble with eggs, plantain, half banana, mandarin

+ 1/4 cup coconut milk, blueberries


2. Tuna salad with avocado and carrot. I substituted dried apricots for cranberries - and I noticed I have a definite weakness for dried fruit! I think I will be very light-handed or omit it, if these are called for in another recipe this month

3. Cracklin’ chicken, crunchy salad, sweet potato, followed by cherries


The chopped dried apricots almost caused a national incident. I was scarfing down a handful when I realised they were reminding me of Haribo..oops! So those are firmly at the back of the cupboard.



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1. Vege scramble with leftover sardine fish cakes, sauerkraut, mandarin

2. Sunflower butter chicken with coconut turmeric cauliflower rice, half banana

3. I had some friends over for dinner, so we had an entree of tostones with guacamole, followed by squashed frittata with salad (which I forgot to photograph), followed by fresh cherries




And that's the halfway point! Feeling really pleased with my efforts. 

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1. Tuna + leftover guacamole, crunchy salad, carrot. Ginger, cinnamon and turmeric tea

2. Vege scramble with sauerkraut, half banana. Peppermint & liquorice tea

Snack: half apple and sunflower seed butter, carrots dipped in sunshine sauce

3. Beef and cabbage skillet with zucchini noodles, sauerkraut




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Today I realised there is only 12 days to go. Feels completely doable. Second time around is definitely much easier. I am spending much less energy thinking about my meal plans, and my portion sizes are more doable. Less of the "fit as much as I can on the plate" type attitude than last time.


1. pumpkin-spiced pepitas
Determined to reduce any between-meal snacking to zero: tick for today! This in spite of spending around 4 hours in a pub this afternoon, with friends who polished off several bottles of wine and plates of bread. Phew.
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1. Omelette, spinach, avocado


I had a friend visiting for lunch and she was delayed, so I snacked on apple + sunflower seed butter and a mandarin.


2. Chocolate chili (I got five servings from one batch, so it's regular just now!), butternut squash with pumpkin-spiced pepitas, and my first try at a massaged kale salad - great success! As I was cooking for a friend, I was distracted and forgot to photograph :-\ although there is a little leftover kale salad shown in the centre of the plate top right below


Rooibos tea, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon tea


3. Cracklin chicken - seasoned with magic mushroom powder, this is truly a delight! + spinach & blueberry salad and raw veg dipped into sunshine sauce




After seeing a nutritionist last week, I'm waiting for some supplements to arrive in the post - need to address low stomach acid and possible candida, as well as blood-sugar imbalance (which is apparently related to sugar cravings). I'll do some research and see whether it's ok to start taking these or if I should wait until I'm done - just 11 days to go.

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1. Chocolate chili with veges, sauerkraut

2. Scrambled eggs with veges, sauerkraut, carrot and sunshine sauce

3. Pad thai, butternut squash, pumpkin-spiced pepitas 


The top left image shows coconut chips toasting - part of my early-morning pre-breakfast snack. I usually have that around 7am, and breakfast happens closer to 9am. On the right is my breakfast chocolate chili, and the bottom left is my scrambled egg lunch. A friend popped over for dinner and as usual this meant I forgot to take a pic :)



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