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Jenny's Whole 30


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Day 1 is here and I'm ready to roll.


I actually attempted this a few months ago and it didn't work out so well.  I caved in and ate food off plan.  I have a gluten intolerance so I've not had too many issues with giving up gluten and grains so much, but dairy has been a really problem for me.  I LOVE cheese!  I think it's because I love the sharpness and rich flavor.   This past week I've been experimenting with ways to give my food that special 'zing' and have found roasted sun dried tomatoes, homemade salsas and plenty of seasonings give my food lots of great taste, so I'm learning to adapt my taste buds to a new way of eating. Slowly.  Sadly, cheddar cheese is no longer a part of my diet... at least for 30 days.  I'm also doing this as an elimination diet to see if I have any food sensitivities.


I invited a group of my buddies on Facebook to partake in a 'after Christmas holiday detox' with me and opened up a private group page. Some are choosing to do the Whole 30 while others are simply getting rid of the sugars and junk foods.  I sent everyone the links to the W30 website as well as the info on where to buy the book.  About half of them are trying the Whole 30 as well. All together there are 13 of us, so I feel especially motivated to stick with it this time since I'm the one promoting this among friends and family.


To say I'm a little bit nervous is an understatement.  I DON'T want to fail at this again. My health is on the line.  I've been struggling this past year with not feeling good.  Most days of the week I struggle with ordinary tasks.  It HAS to stop.  I need 2015 to be my year for great health.


So my pantry is stocked, I have a few planned meals (although breakfast is looking bleak) and I'm ready to roll.


30 days here I come!


I've got this.

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From one cheese lover to another, you can so do this! As a Swiss, got dairy in my DNA, and I was able to live without it for 59 days. I did not cave in on day 60, but was invitee at a table where quiche was the only choice... Though reintroducing dairy back into my diet, a whole different story... Learned to live with just the occasional cheese, because it's so part of our national dishes, but I am NOT missing it any single day.

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Interesting that you no longer miss it.  I do believe we tend to develop a mindset over the years that sometimes is hard to change.  I grew up eating toast or some from of heavy starch with every single meal.  I never could go even one single day without bread and I loved smearing lots of butter on toast. The thought of eating nothing but protein and veggies was a foreign concept to me.  Dinner always had either potatoes, rice or pasta.  No exceptions.  Fast forward, and now I don't miss it any more for the most part.


I realized something the other day. My life has been centered around food, especially sweets, being the focal point for all forms of celebration - birthdays, holidays, family gatherings are cause to enjoy rich foods.  I was telling my husband over the holidays that the thought of not baking cookies and treats for Christmas would be such a huge disappointment because it's a family 'tradition' I was raised with.  There is something familiar and warm about the smell of baked pumpkin bread and homemade cookies. So what did I do?  I made homemade Paleo banana bread and gluten free cookies thinking that it was compliant to my new way of eating.  Yesterday I threw out the leftover cookies because I have been gorging on them since Christmas. I gained 4 pounds over the holidays and felt like crap.


I had an epiphany yesterday.  I realized for all these years, food has been the focus for just about everything in my life. Where did I get the notion that Christmas had to include sweets as part of a traditional celebration?  What about focusing on the more important aspects of the holiday season?  Taking the time to savor the days spent with precious friends and family, focusing on my religious foundations which give an even greater meaning to Christmas for me. What about donating time to a local shelter or cause, or visiting the elderly?  Food should be on the very bottom of that list.  


One of my New Year's resolutions is to find ways to enjoy life without food being the focal point.  Food is not for the purpose of fulfilling some void; it's about nourishing our bodies so they can perform optimally.  


I don't know who's reading this really, but it doesn't matter.  It helps to put it out there.


Baby steps.

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