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Amanda's Whole30 Food Log


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Yesterday was Day 1!!! It was not hard for me because I ate soooo much food on NYE that I wasn't very hungry all day. Here is what I ate:


Breakfast: Bowl of fruit and black coffee

Lunch: Small carrot ginger soup and chicken salad from Whole Foods

Dinner: Beef chili with half of an avocado


I had a horrible dream that I ate cronuts and cookies and was so disappointed in myself, and I woke up so relieved!

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Also, Whole Foods notoriously uses canola oil in almost all of their prepared foods. It doesn't call for a restart if you ingested some, but its use is strongly discouraged on W30.

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Day 2 was a success! I have to admit I haven't done my huge shopping trip yet and am not as prepared as I can be for the Whole30, but I think I'm doing well considering. This weekend I'll do my big grocery run. I'm also going to have to work on not snacking. I'm so used to eating around 5 small meals/snacks a day, that they have become part of my routine and things I look forward to in order to break up my day. I need to start eating bigger breakfasts with more protein so I can last until lunch without snacking. Here is what I had today:


Breakfast: Piece of turkey jerky, apple, black coffee

Snack: Banana chia pod

Lunch: Chop't salad with spinach and arugula, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, roasted squash, avocado, and grilled chicken

Snack: Apple with almond butter


Workout: Ran/walked 2 miles and did some ab exercises


Post-workout snack: Almonds

Dinner: Pork chop with apple and onion and paleo mashed potatoes

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Day 3 I was really put to the test. I went to a "drunk brunch" for my friends birthday, but I stuck to my water and black coffee the whole time. I also ordered a salad and had to send it back when it came out with cheese on it. I can't believe I'm now one of those people at restaurants making all kinds of adjustments to their order. 


Breakfast: Spanish tortilla that I made with potatoes, eggs, onions, and spinach. These are so great to have around for breakfasts or with a salad for lunch.

Workout: Ran/walked 2.1 miles and did a kettlebell class

Lunch: Black kale salad with roasted squash

Snack: Lara Bar

Dinner: Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and potatoes



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If anyone is reading this and knows...could you please explain how to insert pictures here? I'd like to start adding pics of my meals, but when I try to insert an image, it asks for a URL and it is not an option to upload an image from my drive. Thanks!

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Day 4 was a rough one for me. I had a hard time getting out of bed, and felt tired, lazy, and headachy all day, and didn't work out like I planned. I did finally make it to Trader Joe's, although it turns out everyone else in Manhattan had the same idea. It was apparently their busiest day of the year. If anyone goes to the TJs in Union Square in NYC, I'm sure you can feel my pain on that one.


I'm excited to go back to work tomorrow to be back on a normal eating schedule, since today was hard and I didn't really eat a lunch. Also, my roommate Silvia gets back from vacation tomorrow. She's also doing the W30 so it'll be great to have some support and a cooking partner.


Breakfast: Leftover beef chili with some mashed potatoes

Snack: Apple and coconut bar from Trader Joe's

Dinner: I made a tuna salad. This is one of my staples. White albacore tuna in olive oil, mixed with chopped grape tomatoes, red onion, shredded carrots, roasted red peppers, and capers. Served on top of spinach with some olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon, and dijon mustard.

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Day 5
Since I was lacking energy yesterday, today I'm trying to incorporate more healthy fats in my meals. My run this morning wasn't so great. I felt like I was dragging. I'm excited to get to the 10 day mark, when I feel like my body will be better adjusted to this new diet. 
I am pleased with myself that I do not even consider cheating as an option. Having these strict rules is actually a relief for me, because I do not even have to engage in the "should I? maybe just one bite?" conversations that usually run through my head when yummy but unhealthy food is available to me. Now I just know that I can't have it, which saves me a lot of energy of trying to convince myself to eat or not eat something.

Pre-workout: hard-boiled egg

Workout: Walk/ran 2 miles and did 10 minutes of abs
Post-workout: Handful of almonds, banana, half an avocado, and black coffee
Lunch: Salmon salad
Dinner: Almond meal-crusted baked chicken fingers with roasted white sweet potato and sage
Day 6
Breakfast: handful of almonds, banana, black coffee
Lunch: Meatballs with broccoli and sweet potatoes,
Snack: Banana with almond butter
Dinner: Almond meal-crusted baked chicken fingers and tomatoes
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Day 7


Today was good! It was pretty easy. Maybe because I was busier than usual at work, I found that I wasn't thinking about food very much. I was also surprised by my willpower. They brought in Dominique Ansel cookie shots and cronuts to work today. I've been wanting to try them for months!!! But I said no thanks. 


Breakfast: Handful of almonds, banana with almond butter, black coffee
Lunch: Braised beef with kale salad and brussell sprouts from Dig Inn
Snack: RxBar
Dinner: Paleo beef chili with half an avocado on top
Week 1 down!  :D
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