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I need a good Cooler recommendation

Julie Quates

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I'm finally used to carrying my cooler of food around with me. Sometimes I stick an ice pack in there-sometimes I don't. I am wondering if any of you all have a good recommendation for a brand/type of cooler that you like to carry on a daily basis. Sometimes I'm going from work to workout to somethign else before I'd make it home so I need somethign that will hold my food.

Any recs?


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There are so many options out there. I like this one that I picked up at Target recently for about $20. It fits nicely on the front seat of my car and holds a lot, especially if you use the right containers for your food. If I only need something to keep cool part of the day, then I use insulated lunch bags.


Trader Joe's has some nice, roomy insulated lunch totes for just $3.99. We have several and my kids use them for school too.

FYI - Amazon has some really cute insulated lunch bags that look like handbags. I have this one and it's good for several hours to keep stuff cool with an ice pack or two. It's fun to use sometimes.


Good luck finding something you like!

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