Xyitol Withdrawal?

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I am wondering if stopping Xylitol can cause withdrawal. I started Whole30 yesterday and had been chewing Spry gum most of the day - I know, not good. I was also using Ricola cough drops which I started using earlier in December due to a nasty cough and cold, and then never stopped. This morning I woke up with a nasty headache and I can't get rid of it. Otherwise there is really not much change in my diet. I was using 1 teaspoon of raw honey in my morning coffee but I would think cutting that out would't affect me that much?


Thank you for any input.


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Actually gum is also not permitted on a Whole30 - any form of xylitol is not compliant.

It wasn't clear to me whether you're still having the Ricola cough drops: they are not permitted on a Whole30 either - most contain honey, caramel color and/or sugar.


My guess is that dropping any kind of sweetener could have similar impacts as dropping sugar. I would recommend drinking lots of water, taking Tylenol if needed for your headache, and hang in there. 

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