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Second Whole 30! Day one!


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Hey everyone! 


I'm here again after New Years to make a new commitment to a year of health. I went through the whole 30 this last summer and it really changed my relationship with food and I have made a lot of changes since then. So this next time around I feel I have a lot of the tools and prep to make this happen but need an extra push to get out of the bad things that crept in.


I'm still battling the sugar dragon and hope to take this down once and for all this year! 


I want to start training to cycling long distances and fuel my workouts so I can become stronger overall. It all starts with food and I found that if you have your diet down the rest of your fitness goals become easier to achieve. 


Cheers to a new year and another Whole 30! 



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I'm starting my second Whole30 as well. Today is day 2 and so far so good. I did my first last spring and was soo happy with the way I was feeling while doing it. It ended with a trip to Jamiaca where I totally went off and swelled up like a pufferfish. It was crazy! I'm dying to get the "sugar dragon" back in control, especially since I blew it over the holidays. Ready to not have that craving anymore!! I was hoping to have some other paleo friends join my for the 30, but they all have excuses for why they can't. I would love to have a few buddies here to help each other along.

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