Weird red meat Cravings


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I am on day three, and although I thought I would have huge issues with sugar cravings (I am known for my sweeter tooth) - they haven't been too bad. But I am getting insaitiable cravings for red meat. Now I have indulged in some, but I have paid the price for it. I don't digest red meat and pork too well. It lands up binding my gut up for days.

So I have 2 questions: What would be causing this huge craving for red meat, especially since my protein consumption is already much higher than my old diet, and what can I eat as an alternative so I don't stress my gut to much? Chicken and fish have always been okay. Eggs, are okay, but getting a *little* tired of them already.



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Sometimes cravings reflect the body's wisdom. At least that's what I think when I crave red meat. Maybe it is wrong I have no doubts that cravings for sugar are evidence of body foolishness, but hey, that's what I think.

Your gut flora probably needs to adjust to red meat. Get Now Foods Super Enzymes to help with digestion and then go ahead and eat red meat.

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I got that early on, as well! It felt like the more red meat I ate, the more I wanted. I don't think that's a bad thing, though. I agree with Tom- it may be your body telling you, "Yes! This is what I need." :)

And the same goes for other things... i.e the more sugar you eat, the more your body craves it.

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Yes I have always truly believed in that as well. If I crave something, that must mean my body needs it. Unless it is of course a silly craving like potato chips or something with sugar. That is just food with instant gratification attached all over it.

Right now my sugar cravings have been easily satisfied with fruit and some nuts. The biggest one is that I am missing my coffee. I haven't warmed up to the coconut milk idea yet. I think it is a bit of a texture thing. But I diffinitely am missing coffee as I refuse to drink it without sugar. Tea is okay but it's not cutting it.

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