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Susan Moore

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I'm starting the Whole30 on Monday not so I can eat everything in sight over the weekend, truth be told I already unofficially started, but so I could be fully prepared. I'm interested in what the results will/won't be. I already eat a clean diet of the Weston Price variety, sorta like Paleo adding sprouted/sourdough grains, raw dairy, all organic, grass fed, blah, blah, blah. 


Recently, I've been creeping up in weight and that's not okay. Also, I've had a bit of eczema flaring up. And third, as a trainer, I'd like to be able to give my clients a less overwhelming solution which I believe this may be. I have been introduced to the Whole30 by friends and have never seen the point since I thought I had all this nutrition business nailed down. I'm guessing there will be a couple of moderators very surprised to see me here. 


I'm skeptical, hopeful, and brutally honest. This should be interesting. I'm not gonna lie, I'm hungry already. I like the rules. I see the need for them. I don't see having many questions except for maybe about collagen, magnesium and FCLO which I'm sure I can locate on the forum. 


So, here goes nothing!

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welcome! hungry isn't our goal here, so make sure you add a mini-meal of protein, veg and fat when you feel hungry, and take a look at the composition of the previous meal or meals to see if you can add something next time to avoid being hungry in-between times.


I suspect the hardest thing about the whole30 for you would be to follow the rules and recommendations fully without compromise--it can be hard for fitness pros to fully give into their bodies hunger cues and eat enough food on this plan, or to stop weighing or measuring or tracking, if that's what they normally do, but once you have done so it can be quite liberating.  give it a try!


On your specific questions:

collagen, yes, assuming you don't consume a variety with added sugars or dairy or whatever. our favorite form is bone broth, but you can use grass-fed gelatin if you like.


magnesium, yes (again, not the kind with stevia, but plain mag). we recommend this often because so many people are deficient. go for it.


FCLO...probably not, only because I don't know of any varieties without sweeteners of some kind. We don't believe it is so essential for the general population that we would break the sweetener rule to have it. Taking a 30-day break from FCLO shouldn't be a big deal, and will give you a chance to reintroduce and see its effects more accurately once your whole30 is done.


Oh and one more thing: you might not lose weight. The whole30 can be a miracle for someone like me, who enters it with plenty of weight to lose, but over the years I have seen a number of women come to the whole30 at a healthy weight, but wanting to lose weight because of other factors (aesthetic or athletic performance goals). I don't know if this is you, but wanted to put this out there: the whole idea of the whole30--this listening to hunger and satiety cues and feeding the body nutrient dense foods--is all about getting to optimal health. Your personal bodies optimal healthy state may or may not correspond with your aesthetic goals. I would strongly recommend giving it a try for 30 days to see what optimally healthy looks like--and feels like!--for you, but didn't want to set up expectations that will be disappointed later (better to exceed some low expectations? perhaps). enjoy your whole30!

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Thank you. I am a bone broth master (hence the Weston Price background). I'm pretty sure my hunger is psychological at this point. It's before bed and I've eaten pretty well. Not super concerned about weight loss, I'm doing it for health. I'm definitely not going to be one to get frustrated because I am fully aware of what I'm getting myself into and why. I'm not a calorie or macro counter and have no issue taking a break from FCLO. I understand the rules and have no issue with them except maybe eating out. I ate out last night following the rules but couldn't help but wonder if there was maybe sugar in a marinade or hidden gluten here and there. Luckily I'm still in prep mode so I can just avoid eating out for the next 30. I'm in all the way. 


No compromise is no problem. 

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I actually brought a salad from home with me to a girls-lunch out a couple days ago. Granted, it was a super casual sports bar type place (known for its nachos), and I'm sure at a "regular" (or nicer) place there'd be no way, but I called ahead to be sure it was okay; and they said sure! So instead of sipping iced tea and watching my pals mow down on nachos, I ate a satisfying big salad w roast beef, and enjoyed the company :)

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