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Killer Cramps


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I'm 22 years old and currently on Day 11 of my first Whole30. I started my period this morning, and gradually as the morning went on, I began to have some of the worst menstrual cramps, accompanied by intense nausea and diarrhea, I have ever had in my life.

Is this normal? And will it get better? I've dealt with cramping all of my life, but lessening or eliminating these painful and incredibly inconvenient symptoms was one of the things I hoped to gain by doing Whole30. I know it's a process, and I know I'm not even halfway done. But I just need to know that this kind of intense menstrual pain during Whole30 happens to other women too and that it gets better with time...

Help! :(

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I am just the opposite. On my W30 I noticed that my cramps were much easier to deal with and my flow not nearly so bad. This month? OUCH (I've allowed some flour and sugar back in my life as a test, EPIC FAIL!) Last night I lay on the couch and said, If this isn't better in 30 minutes I'm going to the hospital. And yesterday was so heavy that I was changing about every hour and a half (and I use both internal AND external protection, supers all the way). So, I'm thinking of going back on something closer to a W30 way of living pretty much permanantly as I seem to function better that way.

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I think first day of my period fell on about Day 20 of Whole 30. I have always had a migraine the day before I started or the first day, along with bad cramps. This time (on whole30), my cramps were TERRIBLE the first day. I almost called off of work, and that hasn't happened since before I had my daughter (had endometriosis that has since diminished since I had her). I made it through work and then rested for a good portion of the rest of the day. I DID go WOD that day as I knew exercise would help with the cramps. It did, day 2 of cycle was better. Not great, but better. Hoping next month is easier :)

That's my experience, for what it's worth, lol.

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I've always had horrendous cramps. Could be you are just having a particularly bad month or passing a clot or something. 4 Liquid Advils and a heating pad are the only thing that works for me. Hope you feel better, I started mine today on Day 1 of my whole 30 which SUCKS because I want CHOCOLATE bad! ARGHHHH.

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