22 years old, starting first Whole30 on January 7th!


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Hello! I'm following the advice on the website and posting an introduction here. My name is Matt, I'm 22 years old. I'm in pretty good shape but have always had unhealthy eating habits. I recently (last two weeks) have finally started eating better, hardly any junk and have dropped from 155 to 148 pounds. However I'm ready to take the next step and finally cut all the crap and start eating proper foods, especially cutting out grains and carbs. I used to be, and still sort of am, a pretty picky eater but I am ready to change that and try new foods. Any advice or motivation would be great, I've set my start date as January 7th so I can get home (I'm on vacation right now) and buy groceries and prepare for this. 

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Welcome Matt :)


Don't worry too much about carbs on Whole30 as without grains and dairy, your overall carb count will likely drop.


Don't be afraid of the starchy carbs like sweet potato, especially in your first week.


Make a few extra meals and put them in the freezer, so if you need to, you can take a day off cooking.

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