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Joined on January 1, introducing myself today :)


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Hey all!


I am very happy to be rejoining the forums for my second Whole 30! The first one was started last February and going really well... until I found out that I was pregnant. I made it to day 24 and then my food aversions got so strong that I couldn't do it any more, which was a huge bummer. I resolved that once my pregnancy was over I would rejoin the program and actually finish it.


I am on day 3 and so far loving it, just like the last time (that is, until the food aversions took hold), and I am really looking forward to making a long term commitment to Paleo eating from now on, with a few Whole 30's thrown in for good measure. My goals are to recover from my pregnancy (I am 10 weeks post-partum), better sleep, and to slay the sugar demon once and for all.


Good luck to everyone in their Whole 30 journey!



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