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Up with 2015, down with weight


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I am restarting my weight loss goal. Not because I feel fat, but because I want to restart my metabolism, I want to stop eating fast food, and I want to start cooking all my meals again. I am looking forward to starting the Whole 30 program, which I read about in the book “It starts with food.” I am amazed with the results I have read about and I am eager to find my own results. I start Monday January 5 my first Whole 30.


Today I went grocery shopping and stuck with the recommended food items listed, so that meant no boxed items were purchased. For once, I look forward to waking up early on Monday to make breakfast, fix a nice lunch, and get my dinner cooking in the crock-pot.  I have made it my goal this year not to make any more excuses as to why I cannot lose weight or why my cloths do not fit. I do not want another year to pass by so quickly I do not remember where it went.


This year my motivation came from my mom gifting me a Jawbone Up wristband that I am using daily to track my steps and sleep.  I will choose to buy less fast food, eat less packaged and process food, and less soda. I will choose to make more home cooked meals, eat more home cooked meals, and drink more water! I will choose to walk more, drive less, and spend more time with my husband, dog, and two cats. I will garden more – adding color and edibles into my back yard, front yard, and work yard.


I will continue logging my food and exercise with myfitnesspal, same user name if you wish to add me. I will find new and exciting ways to make the Whole 30 a lifestyle and not just another fad diet and exercise that doesn't work. 


Thanks all,


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Hi Maya, congratulations on arriving at Whole30.

You sound really committed to making a change via the Whole30. One of the basic rules is not to track your intake. We want you listening to your body and not letting some arbitrary formula tell you if you should or shouldn't be hungry.

You are more than welcome to keep a food log here on the forum in the "my Whole30 log" section and if you would like feedback on it you can request that from the moderators.

Please consider logging off of MFP for the next 30 days and learn how to listen to your body, interpret its signals and feed yourself the way that YOU need it.

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