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I need to "clean" my life in & out after a bitter separation


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My husband of 10 years just moved out of the house after I found out an affair he was having. After a month or so of asking: why, why me, what does she have, crying over every image on tv of a happy family during the holidays, etc, etc, I have pulled myself out of the hole and figured out I need to change my victim mentality for the good of my kids and myself. I will be better off without him! What better way than to finish packing his stuff in boxes and starting Whole 30 for my body/mind's benefit! Time to focus on myself.



I started yesterday, January 2nd. So far so good, I bought lots of good proteins and vegetables and have been prepping for an afternoon. I believe the secret for success is to have something allowed on the plan always available for when you get hungry or are in a hurry.


I am looking for lunch & snack ideas other than a sandwich to prepare for the kids to bring to school, I would like for them to follow the plan as much as possible as well.


Best of luck to everybody!

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Oh dear I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Remember it's never about you, it's him and his issues! All the best with trying to be a better you now and not wallowing! It's not worth it!

Not really sure on kids lunches but I know there are a lot of blogs out there with ideas.

Boiled eggs, veggie sticks and cherry tomatoes are one thing that comes to mind. Maybe make them little egg muffins with veg and meat in them? Compliant deli meat if you can find any wrapped in lettuce and avocado?

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