Day 22 - no changes?


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Clothes aren't fitting better, I'm actually more tired than normal (this may be lung problems), allergies are certainly not improved. I've been mostly paleo prior to this, and working on being better at it. I joined this "group" Whole30 because I'd slipped into the bad habit of raiding a coworker's chocolate jar.

Working out has only consisted of my work-week daily mid-day walk for 15-20 minutes, a lap or lap and a half around the block. About a quarter mile, and 15-20 minutes is how long I'm away from my work computer. On the other hand, I've been doing a lot of yard and house work (of the "building shelves and moving heavy things" sort), so it's not like I've been sedentary. But I am really stupidly tired. Migraines were daily until I started the magnesium pill two weeks ago, and I've still had two pretty bad ones in the duration. I'm not working out after work because I leave the office and feel like someone's stomping on my lungs, and the rescue inhaler doesn't make a lot of difference. I guess it's the ozone levels lately. [Doctor is aware of this. We're adjusting my prescription again. I whined about not being able to work out when I saw him last week.]

I don't know what, at this point, I'm doing wrong. The only things that really came out of my diet were butter, cream, the small amount of honey or maple syrup I used to sweeten tea, dark chocolate, cheese, and the occasional almond muffin for breakfast. And the aforementioned chocolate jar raids.

Breakfast: (approx 7am)

4 eggs (from the chickens I keep in the back yard)

~ patty's worth of sausage (US Wellness Meats, no sugar)

Handful of veggies, scrambled in with the above. Not every day, but most. Some avocado at times.

Cooked in unrefined coconut oil or ghee.

1 cup of coffee, occasionally mixed with a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa and coconut milk, usually drunk black.

Today was the first day in a month I went "eh" about the eggs and just had a double serving of sausage.

Lunch: (Noon to 1pm)

Today's was chili -- homemade, Whole30 compliant ingredients. Beef, tomatoes, diced onion, garlic, peppers.

It's been:

Pork chop with a few slices of sweet potato and peach, or

A shrimp-and-spinach salad with homemade peach balsamic, apple cider vinegar dressing, or

A beef stew (beef, sweet potato, carrot, celery).

Dinner: (7 pm to 9pm)

Usually steak or ground beef.

Sides have varied from:

steamed broccoli,

sauted bell pepper, mushroom, broccoli,

a beet-and-sweet potato (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove) mash I made (first time I've ever eaten beets; they didn't turn out too badly).

half a bell pepper and a cucumber (raw), munched on while I cook meat.


Half-to-whole avocado, handful of black or green olives, or a small amount of chunky fruit cocktail (canned in fruit juice) mixed with some coconut milk. I had macademia nuts for the first week of this one, but have since stopped eating those. Today I had an orange, just for variety's sake. Usually the snacks are because I eat lunch about noon, and don't get home until 6pm, and dinner takes another hour or two to be made.


Kelp - BID, morning and evening, for iodine. (for goiter)

D3 - 2000mg, split morning/evening.

Fish oil - 1000 mg x 3 (300mg Omega3)


Magnesium (for migraines)

The supplements are taken either with my morning antihistamine & steroid-inhaler or my evening meds (which includes another antihistamine, steroid inhaler, and oral steroid).

I can't take a multi-vitamin because I can't hold them down.

So with all of that ... am I doing something flagrantly wrong?


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I was hoping you were doing something wrong, but your food looks good. You are eating a hearty breakfast and if you are eating as much at lunch and dinner, you should have plenty of energy from your food. I don't know why you are not experiencing some improvements.

Some people report changes taking more than 30 days to show up. Mine started after about 14 days, but bodies vary. I hope you will hang in there because with what you are doing, the magic should begin to happen.

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Your issues with allergies (and I'm guessing asthma) could very well be the root of the problem. Having had both, I can say that both the illness and the stress it causes, are enough to wipe a person out and raise stress levels significantly. It can interfere with your sleep - both amount and quality. Any of those things is enough to stall out the weight loss aspect. I would suggest holding tight and continuing your program until you can get things leveled out breathing wise (in cooperation with your doc), then I think you'll see some more improvement.

Hope you feel better soon!

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