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Sleep troubles since Day 1 - on Day 4.

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Hi! I just started Whole 30 on January 1 and haven't been able to sleep since I started. My diet before starting Whole 30 was Paleo with wine often and Paleo desserts on occasion. I have 20 lbs to lose, and so far I'm not hungry at all, or having any trouble with eating this way. It's actually a nice break from the sugar and the wine.

My only trouble is I went from hitting the pillow and falling right to sleep to tossing and turning until 3am and then sleeping past 9. Before I started Whole 30 I went to bed around 11 and woke up at 6.

From reading some of the other posts about sleep problems this is what I'm eating so far.

Pre workout meal: coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil. An egg with Brussels sprouts and avocado.

Workout: 1 hour yoga and 30 minute run or weight lifting with some cardio in between sets - 6 days/week

Breakfast : another egg with veggies and fat ( replicate pre workout meal)

Lunch: sautéed spinach with chicken breast cooked with mushrooms and tomato and a sweet potato

Dinner: chili with vegetables, side veggie of greens sautéed and an apple with a nut butter like almond or cashew.

I realize breakfast should be bigger, but I'm not that hungry now that I eat both meals. I also used to work out on an empty stomach and then eat a bigger breakfast after working out.

I take a multivitamin, and Vitamin D daily.

Thanks so much for your help. I'd love to not have to take anything to assist in sleeping if possible.

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Your food looks pretty good to me and the portions are probably good if you're feeling satiated, though, yes, two eggs total in the morning is pretty meager for protein, and you could probably skip the avocado and brussels sprouts pre-workout but no need to. How do you feel now that you've added a pre-workout meal?


The sleep issue may simply take time as your hormones reset. However, one thing I can think of that might help that process is to increase your starchy veg, especially with dinner. Add a sweet potato or a white potato or beets/winter squash/parsnips/etc. to your evening meal. Many people find this helps them sleep.


Personally, it has been a big learning curve for me to not fear carbs. I actually drop weight more readily when I feed my body plenty of starchy veg.

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I have always been a champion sleeper and for the first 14 days of my first Whole30, that sleeping sucked. Light, tossy, unrested. I thought I'd pissed off my "sleep angels" but it was really just all the hormones rebalancing and getting used to the new normal. Sleep is now better than ever!

LadyM has good tips above and combined with patience during the adjustment period, I think you'll find your sleep comes back.

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Thank you Lady M and Lady Shanny! I appreciate the feedback. I'll start eating a sweet potato at dinner.

Now that I'm eating before working out I realize it's helping me work out with more energy towards the end than usual. That being said, I am tired from not sleeping as I normally would.

I do fear carbs a little (LOL) ok alot, so I will take your advice and add an extra serving in and see where that gets me.

I understand its a process and can't wait until sleep returns, so I will give it more time.

Thank you again!

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Update: I slept last night for the first time since this started! Hooray!

I'm on Day 8 today, and while I felt fine except for day 2, where I was tired etc. since then the only trouble was sleep. Now that I slept last night, I feel amazing today and still can't get over that I don't need to snack.

Anyway, hoping the good sleep continues!

Thanks for the help!

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Praxisproject- Yes I added 2 sweet potatoes a day and it took 3 days, but now I'm sleeping. I don't want to burn out on sweet potatoes so today instead I had spaghetti squash, zucchini,and butternut squash and will see if I can sleep tonight. my sleep isn't totally perfect yet, but today I woke up and felt amazing! I have had 2 good nights now so hoping it continues.

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