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weird unexplained bloating


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I am leaning towards seeing a doctor for this if it doesn't improve, but first of all I just wanted to get my thoughts together here and see if anyone has been through something similar.



For the past week or so I have noticed I have been very bloated all the time. To the point where it's uncomfortable. I have always had problems with bloating through my life after meals, but now it is there when I wake up too and during meals; this normally doesn't happen. In fact first thing in the morning is the one time I can enjoy a somewhat flat stomach usually :P My stomach looks very swollen.


The main points:


I am drinking lots of water and avoiding caffeine

I am a coeliac (I have been since birth, i am now 23)

I am going for a walk every day (I cannot do more than this due to health issues at the moment.)

I am eating whole-30 (I am on day 6, the bloating started before my whole30 and I have never had bad bloating issues like this before on previous whole 30s)

I am on a progesterone only pill (have been for about a month and a half), which I don't get periods on (sorry, men reading this)

I have been on nortriptyline since the 23rd December which has been the only change in 'regime', but bloating is not listed as a side effect

I have been on a probiotic for just under a month

I regularly drink lots of herbal teas, too to try and help; ginger, peppermint, fennel...

I haven't tried any new fruit/veg and am sticking to things I have used in previous whole30s, so I haven't upset my system in that way

I try to put my knife and fork down between every bite of a meal and 'consciously' eat.

I don't think I have put weight on; I don't weigh myself but other parts of my body look like they did previously, if not a bit smaller



Has anyone been in a similar situation? :blink:

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Bloating is totally normal at the start of a Whole30, go to google and type in Whole30 bloating and you'll get tonnes of results. I can't say for sure if your bloating is the normal bloating one can expect or unusual, only you can really judge that. Always go to your doctor if you feel that you need to!

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Hi all,


I don't eat nuts as they do bad things to my stomach!

I hope it doesn't have wheat in it as I am coeliac so would be rather counter-productive...off to do some research...

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