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Whole30 #2 - Mission: Kill the sugar dragon


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Day 0


I had a few set backs this time around. I started and then had to restart a couple of days as my willpower was not strong enough yet and I still felt like I was missing out on something. I felt panicked like I needed to EAT ALL THE THINGS before I couldn't have them anymore. This led to a binge on New Year's day that left me feeling sick and bloated with the proof that I really needed to do this already and I was tired of that way. You always feel that you are missing out and everything looks so delicious when you can't have it anymore... but really the truth is it doesn't taste as wonderful as you thought it would. I ate almost every pastry I could find and I found that after the first bite it just tasted gross to me.


The last time I went through my Whole 30 there was a lot of crying and emotional outbursts related to all the restrictions I had on me. This time around I remember that it's just the first bite that tastes good and I want to get back to that place where I only need to have a little to cure the urge. I want to be back in a place where healthy deserts with fruit and coconut cream felt like a cheat! My taste buds changed so much last time and since then (it's been about 6 months or so) I haven't wanted sugar as much and I can turn down the treats like I couldn't before. I know now that it is going to be a process to cure this sugar addiction and every time it will get easier. 


Really all that food that you feel that you are missing out on.. it really doesn't taste that good anymore after you are done! Everything is way to sugary and you can taste the chemicals they add and the soy aftertaste. 


So I had a rough start but I'm committed now. I have my meal plan down and lots of snacks ready to go! I can do this! 


My goals for the next 30 days are:


1. Drink more water (get 8 glasses a day)

2. Get my 10,000 steps a day

3. In bed before 9pm and get 8 hours of sleep a night

4. Date nights with my guy that are healthy and fun and show that we can live a healthy lifestyle as a couple



On to day 1! 



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Day 1 


Today I knew that this was going to be rough. I had a family member making breakfast and first thing in the morning I had to ask all the questions to make sure I wasn't being fed something out of my plan. I felt like a jerk telling everyone I couldn't have milk or dairy or PLEASE DO NOT USE BUTTER. Because if someone else cooks your food there is a high chance something could be on your plate that you were not supposed to eat but had no idea it was there.  So thankful for the offer but that was stressful! 


Today I was NON-STOP HUNGRY. I kept uping my portions of veggies and protein but I"m STILL HUNGRY. I've been snacking on nuts and almond butter to keep the pains down at night. I think it's partly a mind trip. It's hard to feel hungry! It makes me feel panicked and I feel like something is wrong. Why should I be hungry all the time? Am I not eating enough? But I have done this before and I remember the raging hunger of my first Whole30. Usually it's due to my stomach eating through all the sugar and balancing it'self out again. It's not as bad this time around because I had cut back on sugar for a while. It's a little scary being this hungry though. I'm focusing a lot on eating more fats and experimenting with meal sizes. I know snacking means you just need a bigger meal. 


It's very difficult not drinking right now. Mostly because everyone in my household is drinking right in front of me. I had dreams last night of cocktails (that was weird!). The best strategy I have to deal with this is get out and take a walk or go to bed. If I'm not there it won't be in front of me and exercise or sleep is a good way to let my body heal itself and take my mind off of food and drink. 


I also spent a good portion of the afternoon this weekend working on my meal plan for this next week and tomorrow we are going to cook up a bunch of food for the week. We were already doing this before I started the Whole30 and once a system like that is in place it's a lot easier to eat healthy and stick to your plan. We have already incorporated a lot more veggies into our diet because of this. Usually we cook up some protein (chicken breasts) and slice that up to use for the week, I buy all the supplies for a salad a day, we cook a soup to last us the week and a few meals with protein and vegetables. That way you have food pre-cooked and prepped so you can grab and go and keeps you from eating out.


I love the recipes in the Whole30 book and I'm going to try some variations of the ground beef and vegetables. I also plan to finally make some homemade mayo this time around. I tired last time but wasted an expensive bottle of avocado oil that just ended up in a gross mess. I found out using a blender is a BAD IDEA because it heats it up and causes it to separate. Really the best thing to use is an immersion blender and a cup so you have a minimal amount of space and that keeps everything mixed up. I ordered one today and when it gets here I'm going crazy with soups and mayo and homemade dressing recipes. 


Well on to day 2! 

Here's hoping this week will be smooth. I already have a bit of a headache and not looking forward to the hungover feeling that's coming. It is nice to see the change in my body though. The puffyness has gone down and my stomach is flatter. It's nice to see some results right away! 




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First week of Whole30 down!


This second round of Whole 30 has been SO MUCH EASIER than before. I'm not getting the headaches and the hungover feelings like I was the first time around. The cravings are less as well. So this all gives me hope that eventually you can overcome the bad behaviors. 


It's crazy the kind of cravings you have for things you wouldn't even think of eating before. Taco Bell is sounding REALLY good to me right now. I'm not craving sugar as much as cheese right now. I am in it to slay the sugar dragon but it's been really quiet this time around. When at restaurants it's the cheese that I want and feel sad telling them to take off. It's a bummer that there is so much dressing that has sugar in it too though. I'm getting better at eating out and asking for some modifications. It's a good idea to tell the server that you are going without dairy at all because there might be something hidden that the cook can keep out. Butter is one of them! 


To cure the late night cravings for snacks and treats I've been working on a new late night routine. I need to get to bed earlier anyways. So I've been finishing the day off by brushing my teeth and flossing and mouth wash and that has kept me from eating any more at night. Then I've been getting to bed earlier and skipping out on the late night hangouts. It's different too when you are not drinking and hanging out. Sleep sounds so sweet! 


Drinking I miss a bit but not as much as I thought I would. Beer is a bit hard to drink because of the wheat and it makes me feel bloated. Ever since I did my first Whole30 I can't handle mixed drinks - too sweet! I do miss my wine at night and might go back to that a bit when I'm done with my Whole30. 


I guess the things I miss most right now is cheese on my salad and cream in my coffee. If I can have those two things back I might be able to give up a lot of the sugar and baked goods I was eating before. 


I'm excited about the next week and this energy boost I've been hearing about! 

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Day 10 and 11 


Not doing so good!


I'm not sure if it's my will weakening or my fatigued head making bad choices but I am having problems with non-compliant food sneaking in. 


I'm basically re-starting my whole 30 because of:


1. Eating the chips I knew were non-compliant but let myself believe it would be ok because it only had salt. Lays potato chips are not ok! No matter what the boyfriend says.


2. Eating food made by a roommate - I'm pretty sure it had something in it even though he said it didn't. When you are clean you can taste any bit of sugar and I should have scanned every single label or turned him down but he made a thing just for me and I felt like a jerk. It's hard to say no and feel like an asshole when they are trying so hard to help. 


3. The gum I had last night. I forgot that gum had all the chemicals I need to stay away from right now especially the sugar! I went for it because it's one of the only way I can get food stuck out of my teeth after eating. I will have to find some other way to do this. The gum left my mouth feeling really weird and I have since had a sore throat and lots of mucus. It's like an alergic reaction! So gross. I'll have to throw out all my gum now. 


4. The rice wine vinegar that I made my salad dressing from for my first Whole30 week had sugar in it! I don't know why I didn't check the label (because it's rice vinegar! it's just supposed to be VINEGAR!!!) but now I have learned my lesson and I'm starting over again this week to get a clean start. 


So it was a combo of bad decisions, not checking labels and a learning experience. 


I shall move on! It sucks to start over though. UGH I want this to be over. I was just hitting my energy level peak too. I want icecream and brownies and chips and a big frosty beer right now. So done with this! I need to re-address my goals so I can remember why I'm doing this. I need to post that in EVERY ROOM so I don't forget again and do a whole check and purge of the house and label anything that I can't eat. Try and try again right? 

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